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Can another driver drive the rented car?

When signing a car rental agreement, it indicates the rental period, tariff, car brand. Such information is necessary for both parties to properly and responsibly fulfill their obligations. But also the driver can be interested in a question on whether it is possible to specify also the driver who will carry it or to use the car for the purposes. If the car renter wants to share the driving, he must discuss this point with his manager, to include such a condition in the rental agreement.

For constant driving, it is advantageous to have a reliable person who can replace the driver, work as a driver or perform one-time tasks. Transport companies usually agree to this condition, but it is necessary to install the main driver, who will sign the contract.

What you need to know about the additional driver?

  • Up to three people (sometimes more) can be added to the lease agreement.
  • It is obligatory to specify in the contract the main driver who will be responsible for observance of the agreement.
  • A daily fee is added for each additional person. But the company can offer a good offer for a free connection.
  • The rules of fees for young and old drivers are observed.
  • Most often, the rental company will charge a daily insurance fee for each additional driver. Usually the fee is fixed and does not depend on the brand, age of the car.
  • To find favorable terms of service, you should consider the offers of different companies offering to rent a vehicle.

Main and additional driver

Usually attracts additional drivers to the car rental agreement organization, enterprise, firm. Drivers will use rented vehicles to work, solve production problems. But even in this case, one person needs to stand out, who makes an order for transport, signs a lease agreement. He will be the main driver.

Additional requirements may be imposed, usually age, driving experience. You should find out from the rental company whether a novice driver has the right to be an additional under its terms. Most often requires experience of 2 years or more.

How to connect an additional driver to the rental agreement?

When renting a car for a long or short time, a contract is signed, in which you need to specify the data of additional drivers. Payment must be made at the time of booking. The driver included in the contract must also be present when the tenant picks up the car from the fleet.

Is it possible to connect the driver after the lease agreement is signed? The answer to this question depends on the conditions of a particular rental company. It is necessary to contact its managers and find out the information in advance.

The main driver who has signed the agreement is obliged to observe the proper order of hire and to let behind the wheel of the rented car only those persons who are specified in the contract, presented in the company the passport, the rights.

Check the conditions of car rental with an additional driver in the BLS company from our managers!

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