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Butsky canyon

Today, in the constant section of BLS Car Rental, dedicated to the travels of picturesque Ukraine, it is not a city, not even a town. This time we offer you to spend a weekend in Butsky Canyon - a special place that you will remember for a lifetime unusual for Ukraine landscapes and pristine nature. No wonder it is sometimes proudly called "little Switzerland". So let's go!

And you can get to the Butsky Canyon from Kyiv via Zhashkiv, at the same time you should visit the local sugar factories. On the Odesa, highway go to Zhashkov, then turn left and through Sorokatyaga and Chervonyi Kut go to the village of Buki. The length of the route is 185 km. But we must advise you to rent an SUV, if - of course - you do not have your own.

And now - a few words about the most natural highlight of Cherkasy region. The rock canyon is about 5 kilometers long and is located on the river Tikich Mountain near Bukiv (hence its name). It is deep, up to 20 meters deep, but at the same time narrow - the width varies between 20-40 meters. Interestingly, the age of the granite rocks through which the river flows is estimated at 2 billion years. Imagine - touching such antiquity!

There is something to admire here: the views from the canyon are incredible, but it is also interesting to go down to the water - jumping on a rock, splashing in the June river - that's another pleasure!

Not the only rocks: on the territory of the Butsky canyon are the ruins of the first hydroelectric power plant in Ukraine, which is quite easy to reach by descending "to the bottom" of the Butsky canyon. Access to the first hydroelectric power station is completely free, you can wander here as much as you want. Your insta-account will be grateful to you for this trip: the photos here are just incredible.

Butka Canyon is extremely popular among climbers, especially they are attracted by one of its ledges - the so-called Rodionov Rock. If you do not like extreme tourism - at least there will be something to look at, because it impresses the imagination!

In general, you can go here for one day just to admire the beauty, and for a few days with a tent - to relax in nature. Buki is a small village, so there are no hotels there yet, but nearby - in the village of Mankivka 13 km from the Butka canyon there is a decent hotel Reikartz Akvadar, or you can stay in Zhashkiv (there is a good hotel-restaurant Rodychi) or Uman - here we recommend Forest Club Sherwood.