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Bukovel - the best ski resorts of Ukraine

Bukovel is the largest ski resort in Ukraine, as well as in Eastern Europe. It is the most popular resort in the Carpathian Mountains. Bukovel is the perfect place for a mega-comfortable vacation in any season, where they regularly organize tours. But most often people come here in winter to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Let's find out what Bukovel is famous for, which attractions are located nearby, and how to choose the right track.

Bukovel infrastructure

Bukovel is a beautiful sight to behold. It's worth admiring for its beautiful scenery, snow-covered slopes, and fresh air. Bukovel has everything to make your rest perfect. Therefore tours to Bukovel are not cheap, but allow you to get a high-quality service.

Geographical position and climate of Bukovel

Bukovel is situated in the western part of Ukraine. This is Ivano-Frankovsk region. The nearest airport in Ivano-Frankivsk is about 100 kilometers away. The village Polyanitsa is the closest - only 1 km, and has a population of 600 people.

The resort is located on the slope of the Carpathian mountains, viz:

  • Dovga;
  • Babi Pogar;
  • Bukovel;
  • Chernaya Kleva;
  • Bulchinekha.

One of the advantages of the resort is its convenient location. Bukovel is a protected area that is part of the Carpathian National Park. The latter is surrounded by five mountains, on which the slopes are located.

This is interesting! The geographical center of Bukovel is Molodost lake.

The resort has a mild continental climate. It is characterized by mild winter and warm summer. Bukovel is perfect for winter sports, and excursion tours are often organized.

The skiing season lasts from November to May. But the resort is relevant at any other time of year. It attracts luxury hotels with excellent accommodation, full board, spa centers, picturesque nature, sights, the opportunity to master active recreation.

Entertainment infrastructure

The infrastructure of the resort is well thought out to the smallest detail. A huge number of different entertainments are offered here, so vacationers who came on the tour will definitely not be bored.

Possible entertainments:

  • spa centers - they are offered, both in the hotels and just in the resort, where you can swim in the pool, take a dip in a hot tub, bask in the jacuzzi, sign up for a massage to the beautician and improve your health in general;
  • active recreation - sledding track, snow tubing, ice skating;
  • visiting Ice Land - ice complex (the only one in Ukraine), where you can enjoy a drink in a glass of ice and even stay overnight in an ice room with a fur bed;
  • Walk to the bike park - there, you can rent a bicycle and travel along paved bike paths.

If you come to Bukovel in summer, you can go to the beach near the artificial lake. It is 2 km long. It has everything you need: bungalows, umbrellas, deck chairs, changing rooms, and showers. For the kids, there are swimming pools. Also, on the beach, there is a lifeguard service, medical center, and cafe.

Walk to the bike park

What kind of extreme entertainment is there?

Fans of extreme recreation will not be disappointed with a tour to Bukovel. The greatest adrenaline will undoubtedly come from the black slopes. You can also take a trip on snowmobiles or quad bikes. You will definitely get a lot of excitement.

Other extreme entertainment, which can be booked in the tour or visited separately:

  • fascinating rides on a dog sled - it is pulled by Siberian Huskies;
  • trip to the snowpark, on the territory of which there are special figures for boarding or skiing;
  • wakeboarding, catamaran, jet-skiing, water-skiing - available only in warm seasons;
  • visiting rodelbahn Speed Fun attraction for sledding along 1500 meters long slides with steep turns and turns - you will have to manage the speed by yourself;
  • choice of Trolley downhill, where you have to go down on a roller on a steeply inclined rope - the total length is 1130 meters, and the height difference reaches 190 meters (it is the longest ride of this type in the world);
  • visiting the zipline, which is suspended among the trees on the ropes - Bukovel Roller Coaster Zipline slides with the steep turns, descents, and ascents of a total length of 500 meters;
  • swinging on the "Pendulum" - the biggest swings in Ukraine (you can jump on your own or together from the height of the nine-story building above the reservoir);
  • Reverse attraction, which looks like an armchair that will rise to 50 meters, and then will suddenly fly down at high speed.
  • the Extreme Park ropes park will provide an adrenaline rush for both children and adults alike since it offers various levels of difficulty;
  • "Rope Jumping" in - it is an opportunity to jump from a height of 28 meters in free fall if you have long dreamed of, and there is no analog of this rope jumping station in Ukraine;
  • "Thirst for Speed" is the name of extreme karting, which has a driving track of 500 meters long.

choice of Trolley downhill

Tip! Fans of bicycle transport can go to the extreme attraction Bike Zip. There you can ride a bike over the lake at the height of 30 meters. The total length of the track is 560 meters. It is the only ride of its kind in Europe and is the longest in the world.

Lodging in Bukovel: hotels, hostels, private houses, cottages, and prices

Going on a tour, it is worth thinking in advance about the place of accommodation. You can choose from:

  • hotels - from 600-900 UAH/room, depending on the distance from the center, the category of rooms, infrastructure;
  • at the base - for big companies (holiday-makers in the tour), the prices start from 300-400 hrn per person per day;
  • cottages for 2-16 people cost from 2500 UAH ($6.5) per day.

The best way to make a reservation is to visit the official sites of the company. If the tour is arranged by a travel agency, everything is already thought out, and you can relax. By the way, the tour often includes excursions. It's convenient if you're not far from them.

What can be seen in the Carpathian Mountains near Bukovel?

Bukovel and the Carpathian Mountains have a lot of attractions. One of them is the "Hutsul Land" ethnopark. You can see how the inhabitants of the Carpathian Mountains (Boyky, Lemky, and Hutsul) used to live. In addition, you are offered to attend master's classes. Everyone, especially children, will be interested in the contact zoo, where both domestic and exotic pets live.

You can go on excursions to neighboring towns:

  • 26 km to Mykulychyny;
  • 15 km to Jablanitsa;
  • 33 km to Dragobrat (Yasinya);
  • 51 km to Rakhiv;
  • 259 km to Slavske;
  • 52 km to Verkhovyna.

How to get to Bukovel?

There are different ways of getting to Bukovel. The most comfortable way is by car. The most affordable way is by train.

Railway transport

You can get to the railway station in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Lviv, Lutsk, Vorokhta, and Yaremche. Then you can take a bus, a cab or private transport to Polyanitsa.


From most Western Ukrainian cities, there are buses to Bukovel. You can easily get by train or plane to the nearest big city (Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, etc.). And from there you can choose public transport.

Own car or rented car

A car is always a maximum comfort. From anywhere in Ukraine, you need to go in the direction of Ivano-Frankivsk. Then you should go by Nadvirna, Delyatin, Yaremche, Mikulichin and Tatariv. Then you'll get to the coveted Bukovel.

You don't have to take your own car on a long trip. There is an alternative - car rental. You can choose a company called BLS, which offers pleasant prices and a wide range of rental cars. A huge plus - no need to worry about TO, insurance, etc.

Bukovel ski elevators: peculiarities and working schedule

There are 17 ski elevators in Bukovel. All of them can be seen on any ski-lift charts and maps. Slopes length is 68 km, and different elevators lead to them.

Attention! The longest queues are usually at elevators #1, #8, #15, and #12.

All elevators work on the same schedule: from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm. But the slopes work longer - they accept tourists until the last hour. They have well-lit slides, so your skiing will be safe even after the sun goes down. Maps and charts for skiers show the schedule of both the slides and the elevators. You can also get information at the ticket office. There are also maps and charts for sale if you plan to have them with you at all times.

The following kinds of elevators are available, and you should choose one by its map, taking into account the level of difficulty of the slopes:

  • chairlift models;
  • rope tow;
  • multi lifts.

Chairlifts are mostly two-person models. But there are some others. There are some chairlift models that are designed for three and four seats. Multi-lifts are special transport to get to elevators #15, 7, 1. Most of these elevators are located near the training areas.

Bukovel ski elevators

Ski pass in Bukovel: prices in 2021

A ski pass is a magnetic card that allows you to enter all elevators. The cost depends on the season:

  • low - from March 18 to December 17;
  • High - from December 18 to January 1, and from January 7 to March 17;
  • Holiday - from January 2 to January 6.

The low season price is 650 UAH ($650 per day), the high season is 1050 UAH ($1050 per day), and the holiday season is 1350 UAH ($1350 per day). You can also buy a separate skiing - 150-300 on average (it depends on the particular elevator and the availability of benefits).

Ski pass in Bukovel

Rent of skiing equipment: prices for 2021

The ski resort offers equipment rentals at 16 points. There is a division into categories.

  1. Category A. This is high-class equipment for professionals. Prices start from 450 UAH ($125) per day.
  2. Category B. New high-class equipment from the collections, which is 2-3 years. Prices from 300 USD / day.
  3. Category C. proposed rental equipment, which is 3-5 years old. Suitable for the majority of skaters. Prices from 200 grn per day.
  4. Categories D1, D2. Children's equipment, respectively, new and from collections of 2-3 years ago, 3-5 years ago. Prices from 200-150 UAH / day.

The cost is for a set of skis and snowboarders. A helmet can be taken separately and costs 80 UAH ($60).

Choice of skiing slopes: the difficulty level of the slopes

Bukovel has a lot of slopes. Bukovel is a skiing resort that has a wide range of slopes to choose from. There are 67 different slopes. They have various complexity levels and distances. Neither beginners nor extreme skiers will get bored.

Bukovel slopes have the following difficulty levels:

  • Blue ones are for children and beginners;
  • Red slopes are sometimes difficult and even dangerous and are suitable for experienced skiers;
  • black slopes will be appreciated by experienced skiers and extreme skiers.

You shouldn't try to immediately master red or black slopes if you're still new to skiing or snowboarding. It's not just a matter of having a good time, but also of safety.

горнолыжные трассы в Буковеле

Slopes for beginners

There are blue slopes in Bukovel, which are perfect for beginners. They are characterized by a rather gentle slope without any sharp bends. Blue skiing slopes are perfect for learning and training. These are the following routes:

  • 5A - 1794 m;
  • 1C - 1587 m;
  • 2C - 1759 m;
  • 14A - 2132 m;
  • 22C - 270 m;
  • 5B - 1,446 m;
  • 1E - 2235 m;
  • 7A - 1,048 m;
  • 14Z - 324 m;
  • 11F - 2065 m.

The last track - 11F - is considered one of the most difficult of the blue tracks. It has quite steep turns. It is suitable for those who have at least several times mastered their skills in skiing. The same applies to skiing on slope 22C. One of the advantages of this slope is that there are no queues. Both slopes in Bukovel will suit both skilled beginners and skilled skiers.

There are two slopes in Bukovel - 1E and 1C. The first one is quite wide. It is easy to learn and has slopes that are gentle. This slope will suit skiers and snowboarders who haven't yet gained enough experience. The neighboring 1C ski slope is narrower, as well as more maneuverable. You can get there on the 1R elevator. Many people know that he is an indicator of the fact that "his" skiing slopes in Bukovel will be available for learning.

Slopes 5B and 5A are the best solutions for beginners. Their distinctive features are long length, gentle descent, and impossibility to develop high speed. They have a minimum level of complexity, so you have the opportunity to work on your skills in detail and be prepared for more difficult descents.

Bukovel is pleasantly surprised with the longest skiing track, 14A, which is accessed by elevator 14. Those who want to not only go skiing but also enjoy the picturesque area will love it. You can see Lake Youth, firs, hills, and much more.

For a family vacation, go downhill 7A. It is designed for children and beginners who are new to skiing and boarding. Minus - there is always a queue at the elevator.

Experienced skiers might get bored on such slopes in Bukovel.

Red slopes for people with experience

There is a large variety of medium difficulty slopes of red color. They will suit those who are still excited about going down the black slopes but are bored with the slopes for beginners.

The following ski slopes have medium difficulty:

  • 16A - 1,741 m;
  • 11A - 600 m;
  • 15D - 500 m;
  • 15A - 1,528 m;
  • 8C - 750 m;;
  • 11E - 390 m;
  • 15B - 331 m;
  • 13D - 1,279 m;
  • 8B - 757 m;
  • 11D - 1598 m;
  • 13A - 1308 m;
  • 15C - 815 m;
  • 13B - 650 m;
  • 13D - 1279 m;
  • 2B - 1,459 m;
  • 13C - 570 m;
  • 12D - 440 m;
  • 12C - 696 m;
  • 12A - 1,674 m;
  • 8A - 936 m;
  • 2A - 915 m;
  • 1A - 1,602 m;
  • 5D - 700 m.

The most popular trail, which has an average level of complexity, is 2B. It is notable for its wide and rather gentle descent, which turns into a series of hillocks at the end. Minus - a long waiting time on the elevator.

The shortest slopes are 8B and 8C. And if you want some adrenaline, choose 8A, which is downhill with jumps.

Those who like skiing from the mountain, for instance, from Dovga, can choose 12A. There is only one red slope in Bukovel. Those who like to freeride skiing will love 12C. It is characterized by a free slope and bumps, but the descent is not short.

Slope 16A is not very crowded. There are no lines at these elevators. The track is not very revered by people and is completely undeserved. It is long, has a gorgeous turn, which has no analogs in the whole resort.

Black slopes for extreme people

Bukovel skiing resort has black slopes. These slopes are a choice of extreme and professional skiers. Do you want to slope down a slope that's almost right-angled? Are you ready for sharp turns? Then you have a choice between the following slopes:

  • 11B - 804m;
  • 5E - 960m;
  • 5F - 768m;
  • 1B - 296 m;
  • 16D - 528 m;;
  • 16C - 964 m;
  • 5H - 1,549 m;
  • 11C - 420 m.

Slides 5E and 5F are intended for permanent use by the ski school. Most often, access to them is closed. Sometimes it is opened at the end of the day, but by this time, the quality of the tracks significantly deteriorates.

Professionals call it one of the best slides of the 5H. It's an underrated run that's usually sparsely populated. This means that skiers and snowboarders have the opportunity to appreciate the speed run to its fullest.

Lovers of freestyle skiing are sure to enjoy slides 16E, 16D, and 11C. They are designed for freeride, as evidenced by the steep drops, steep slopes, narrow ramps, and starts. Each of these slopes is packed with adrenaline, but only those who are confident of their skills will be able to ride them.

Tip: To find the track you need, the best way is to use the map. It is freely available on the Internet. There are also maps in the resort itself, as well as in its various points and souvenir shops.

Some of the craziest trails are 22B and 22A. The former is also suitable for freeriding. They are situated at some distance from the rest of the slopes, at the lower point of the Carpathian resort. They are connected to each other by ski lift 22. In 2020, these slopes were shut down, while any plans for their reopening are still unknown.

Chutes and elevators are located by lines.

The most convenient way is to use a map or a scheme of the location of the slopes and elevators. Here is a diagram, which shows exactly the location and operating times of the lines.

Line 1

The map shows that there is elevator 1R. It is open from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm Lines:

  • 1C - medium difficulty, for skiers above beginner level;
  • 1A and 1D - medium difficulty, available for evening skiing;
  • 1B - a difficult slide for professionals.

ski slope in Bukovel Line 1

Line 2

The diagram shows the presence of elevator 2R. Available slides:

  • 2A - the busiest, medium difficulty, there is a webcam;
  • 2B is for beginners.

Line 5

The diagram shows that there is elevator 5 and the following slides:

  • 5A and 5B are gentle slides with one problem area for beginners;
  • 5H, 5F, 5G, 5E are black, steep slides.

ski slope in Bukovel Line 5

Line 7

Elevator #7 leads to slide 7A, and elevator #14 leads to slide 7B. Both slopes are suitable for beginners and children.

Line 12

Judging by the map, this hill impresses with a picturesque view from the top. Otherwise, this is a moderately difficult hill, and without experience, there is no point in going up to it on Lift 12.

Lift 12 is divided into:

  • 12D and 12A - for experienced skiers;
  • 12C - for professionals.

ski slope in Bukovel Line 12

Line 14

This is the longest piste. It is located at the highest point of the resort. Even on the map and the scheme, you can see that the slope is quite steep, although it is designed for beginners.

You can follow the slide itself and elevator 14 online, as there is a webcam.

Line 15 and 8

Both slides are steep. Elevators 15 and 8 lead to them, respectively. This is an option for advanced skiers and snowboarders.

Line 16

The slides on the map are:

  • 16C and 16D are black;
  • 16A and 16B are red.

Elevator 16 leads to them.

ski slope in Bukovel Line 16

Line 22

Elevators 22A and 22B lead to skiing slopes 22A and 22B. It is the shortest one in Bukovel. Both lines are black on the scheme.

We recommend that you estimate the level of difficulty, use maps and schemes and start with the blue routes. You can learn them in two or three days, and then you can switch to more challenging ones. And you can comfortably get to your favorite resort, Bukovel, by renting a car.

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