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Bad and good ways to save fuel

The desire to pay less money has been and always will be. This also applies to the car. Every car owner wants to achieve maximum fuel economy, to refuel less often. But the existing advice does not all help, sometimes even harm. Let's see what are good and bad ways to save.

Good ways to save fuel

  1. Serviceability of the car. A repaired and serviceable car consumes less fuel - this is true. Any damage to the engine may cause excessive consumption. So you first need to check your car and repair it.
  2. Remove the trunk from the roof and body kits. This helps to reduce air resistance, which reduces consumption by several percent. This item can include the opening of the hatch and windows.
  3. Do not carry extra things. The smaller the mass of the car, the less power it needs to drive. It is necessary to make an audit in the trunk, remove heavy unnecessary items. In European countries, even the reserve is taken, as the roads there are excellent.
  4. Ride quietly. See how the police drive, patrolling around the city. Smooth acceleration, braking, the same speed. That kind of driving will help achieve fuel economy. Especially effective as a ride in cities with a small stream of cars.
  5. Think through the route in advance. This will give an opportunity to go around crossroads with obstructed traffic and not to make extra circles around the city. You just need to plan which path will be the shortest.
  6. Riding on the highway at a certain speed. The general rule for all cars is to drive on the highway on the last gear with turns from 2000 to 2500 per minute. This is called cruising speed, that is, the speed at which fuel consumption is minimal.
  7. Tire pressure. By maintaining optimal tire pressure, substantial savings can be made. You can even pump a little rubber, but then there will be uneven tread wear.
  8. Do not put the increased wheels. Many car owners tune cars, setting the wheels of a larger radius. For this, they often refuel the car. It is believed that every extra centimeter of wheel radius increases fuel consumption by 1 lin 100 km.

Bad ways to save

  1. Turn off consumers. Yes, you can save fuel, but you have to give up comfort. For example, in the summer does not include air conditioning. You cannot open windows either. This includes consumers with heated seats, a radio, a phone included in the cigarette lighter, and so on.
  2. Use fuel additives. On this fraud come across many. Studies have been conducted that have proven that consumption does not change with the use of such additives. They can only affect the quality of the fuel, but there is no savings. Only the costs associated with the purchase of this product.
  3. Abandon the car. At rush hour or during snowfall, you can use public transport. Why completely abandon the car? Is she bought to keep it in the garage? Moreover, the car breaks down faster when not in use.

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