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​ Famous American car brands: history and features

It is impossible to imagine modern life without a car. Many brands are on the market, but American car brands remain among the most popular and desirable.

Automotive production in America started at the end of the 19th century. Then the Duryea brothers founded the company Duryea Motor Wagon, which produced the first car with a single-cylinder engine. But the streaming car industry began in 1908 thanks to Henry Ford. After ten years, three large automobile firms, Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors, were already operating in the United States of America. Even after so many years, the products of these brands occupy a leading position in the global car market.

If we talk about the first models, American cars quickly competed with European ones thanks to the original body design and a more comfortable interior. Of course, in Europe and Asia, there are manufacturers whose products deserve attention, but recently it has been cars from the States that have conquered many motorists.

Advantages of machines from the USA

Manufacturers in America produce a reasonably diverse range so that American cars can be selected for any budget. The price of vehicles sold on the secondary market depends on the brand machine, year of manufacture, mileage, and technical condition.

But at the same time, American car brands, even from the economy class category, are distinguished by their high-quality assembly, sound equipment, minimal damage, and serving the future owner for a very long time. Therefore, the main advantages of buying cars from the States are their low cost and high quality. So naturally, these criteria attract the most, which is why American cars are in such demand.

The American automotive market produces about ten thousand different vehicles every day. Residents of America operate their cars for a short time, trying to update transport constantly.

Among the variety of automakers, the already mentioned General Motors, Chrysler and Ford remain the most in demand. However, there are other brands whose cars are considered quite buyable in the modern car market.


Chevrolet is one of the most popular brands that gained fame back in 1911. Today it is considered the best-selling in the world. The company's quarterly turnover is up to $50 million. At the same time, more than four dozen models are provided for customers so that everyone can choose a car to their liking. City dwellers prefer sedans or hatchbacks, while farmers prefer pickups. Fans of more powerful models opt for SUVs.


Cadillacs are considered the most elite and expensive cars. They have an exclusive characteristic design that cannot be confused with others. Many American presidents have preferred Cadillacs. Since the cars belong to the elite class, their release is limited. The company's developers are constantly looking for new solutions.


This brand also has a very recognizable design due to its aggressive features. Sports cars stand out in particular.

This American car is in high demand. Ford Mustang is considered a popular representative of the concern. Of all American brands, Ford is considered the best option. The company's factories are located worldwide, and the manufacturer tries not to focus exclusively on the production of sedans or SUVs. Instead, incredibly aesthetic and comfortable pickups are popular. As you can see, the company's lineup is very diverse, which is one of the reasons to buy an American car. Recently, Asian countries have also become active buyers of Ford products.


This company has become known since 1925 and ranks third among the most famous automakers. During its existence, the process of updating and developing new models did not stop. Especially high productivity rates have become in the last ten years. Chrysler 300 became the best-selling car of the company. This model belongs to the high class.

Tesla Motors

Despite only 15 years of experience, this manufacturer has become one of the most popular. The company's fame was brought about by releasing environmentally friendly and maintenance-friendly electric cars. Thanks to its innovative technologies, Tesla can overtake many well-known manufacturers in terms of popularity and demand. After all, the company's goal is to replace cars that pollute the environment with environmentally friendly cars. Although there are other electric cars, Tesla remains the undisputed leader.


A separate division of the American company General Motors produces cars that once became a symbol of America. The brand was founded in 1903.


The first car brand, Jeep, was designed for the US Army. Everything was provided for the convenience of the military. Today, Jeep SUVs are the standard for all-terrain vehicles.


The brand was a division of the Ford company and produced cars and trucks in the middle price category. Since 2011 new cars have stayed on the assembly line.


General Motors Company is America's oldest automaker. It produces trucks, crossovers, vans, and pickups. At first, the main client of the brand was the US Army, which purchased vehicles for its own needs. Now GMC produces part of the cars on the Chevrolet platform.


A 70-year-old businessman founded the company. Despite his advanced age, the founder successfully found a niche in the production of cars, focusing on the competition with Cadillac. Today, the Lincoln brand is owned by Ford.


American Dodge cars have been produced since 1914. In 1928, the company became part of the Chrysler Corporation. Despite the economic difficulties, the brand has maintained production. Dodge compact crossovers launched today, Hornet.


Plymouth is a Chrysler car brand designed to be affordable and affordable. The division that produced cars, Plymouth, existed from 1928 to 2001. In the 1990s, the company produced rebranded Japanese cars.

The American auto industry has a lot of car manufacturers, so buyers have a wide selection of different brands for every taste and budget. Among these brands, you can also choose models based on your preferences since the model range pleases with its diversity. On the website bls.ua, you can rent American cars from many famous brands. Among the services, there is a rental option for a different period and other convenient services.

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