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#неделяBMW - BLS New Summer Promotion

From July 17 to July 24, BLS holds the # BMW Week! Throughout the week - great discounts on cars 3, 5 and 7 series!

Throughout the week, the flagship BMW 7 Series is rented at just $ 200 per day.

Unlike the main competitors, the “seven” of the latest generation cannot even be confused with the more compact “five” and “three” from afar. The flagship model has an individual style, its own optics design and huge nostrils of the radiator grill.

The new 7 Series is the epitome of BMW's classic design in its elegant and majestic form. And the chrome trim only gives the car a chic and respectability. The edging covers the windows and flows into the Hofmeister signature bend.

The spacious interior, the most comfortable driving and the highest level of security - all this makes the BMW 730і one of the most desired cars at all kinds of receptions, commercial and diplomatic meetings. And the main competitors of the BMW 7 are Mercedes-Benz S-Class cars, Audi A8, Lexus LS and Jaguar XJ.

BMW 520і is one of the most optimal cars in its class - from just $ 120 per day! (previous price - from $ 200 for 1 day)

The modern BMW 520 is a mid-range luxury sedan in Munich equipped with a 4-cylinder gasoline engine. 5 BMW Series refers to the 10th generation, which began its development back in 2012. During this time, you can notice many innovations and modernizations in the products of this legendary German company.

The ride quality of a car with a gasoline engine can be rated at "5+". The steering is sensitive and has a perfectly balanced steering. The quality of the suspension also exceeds all expectations. Thanks to high-quality components, the ride of this rear-wheel drive car is smooth, absorbing all the bumps in the road.

The famous “treshka” is the locomotive of the BMW brand. Today is a model 320і. For 4 decades, the cars of this series have spread over the world with an armada of over 14 million cars. It is the 3 series that is exemplary when in the army of fans it comes to the design of BMW. And now also the cost of renting this car is very affordable - from just $ 80 per day.

The machine is equipped with an 8-speed automatic which is excellent in both calm and dynamic driving. For many, the “treshka” impresses precisely with the driving style - it is truly impeccable.

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