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Car sale - BLS

One of the main principles of BLS, which for many years allows us to remain number 1 car rental in Ukraine, is the constant renewal of the fleet. We provide customers only cars with low mileage, full MOT, and most importantly - with rare exceptions for VIP cars - they should not be more than 3 years old.

To maintain this principle, we regularly buy new cars. But what do we do with those that do not meet these super-demanding parameters? We put them up for sale at a very attractive price!

However, the novelty and steep price are not the only advantages of cars for sale. Installments are possible for all our cars, and if you represent a legal entity, VAT is already included in the price.

All our cars are official, as they say, “clean and white.” They have been thoroughly tested both in legal and technical terms. Therefore, you can be sure that when buying a car from BLS you are guaranteed not to encounter any unpleasant surprises.

Tesla Model S is a beautiful and smart blue girl in excellent condition with a mileage of only 110 thousand km. Rear-wheel drive, a panoramic roof and its own charging cable are included - you will fall in love with this car at a glance and will be ready to use Tesla immediately after purchase. And with all this, the price is only $ 31,000. And this at the minimum super-base price of a new car from 70 thousand!

Volkswagen Golf gray in excellent condition. The car of 2017 is almost new, and the mileage is only 103 thousand km. The car passed a full MOT, among its features - a gasoline engine 1.0, power accessories, a guarantee for coolant. The car is also equipped with a high-tech gearbox (DSG) and a start / stop system to save fuel. Auto is not broken and not painted. The price is only $ 15,000.

Audi Q7 - all-wheel drive premium car in black. Condition - perfect, no investment required. Mileage - only 80 thousand kilometers, among the features - leather interior, cruise control, excellent equipment even as a VIP-class model. In particular, the car is equipped with cruise control, the windows are tinted, and a start / stop system is also installed to save fuel and keep it in the lane. It is important that this car is 2017 and is currently under warranty. The price is 58,000 dollars.

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