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Car rental in Batumi

Batumi is called the sunniest resort on the Black Sea. Tourists from different countries are trying to visit this beautiful city. Here you can see many attractions and tourist places. To have an exciting time here, you should use the service of renting a car in Batumi. To be satisfied with the rental of a car, you need to contact only well-known rentals. Our BLS company recommends Discover Cars as a trusted rental partner.

Car rental in Batumi

Where to quickly and cheaply rent a car in Batumi

There are several ways to use the car rental service in Batumi. You can rent a car in the following way:

  • On the street near the "Rent" sign. There are such machines in frequented places or near the rental company's office.
  • At the international airport. This is another opportunity to rent a car. Car rental at Batumi Airport is located on the first floor. There is an agency here that provides car rentals.
  • Internet search. Even before arriving in this city, you can choose a suitable car. There are random searches, but using particular brokers' sites is better.

So that renting a car in Batumi is good, it is essential to consider several tips. First, renting a vehicle at the airport may be unprofitable. The price, in this case, is higher, and it is only sometimes possible to choose a suitable model.

Rent a car at the Batumi airport

Contacting a particular rental company via the Internet is more profitable than looking for a car at the airport. You can get acquainted with the reviews of clients who applied to this company. The rental price, in this case, is lower, you can choose a suitable car for rent. In addition to reviews, you can familiarize yourself with all the terms of the service conveniently. The rental company can deliver the car to the airport or any address convenient for the customer.

Car rental prices in the city of Batumi

Renting a car in Batumi is relatively inexpensive. A cheap car can be rented for 25-30 dollars. Luxury cars cost 60 dollars. For example, a convertible can be rented for 50 dollars. Sometimes there are discounts on luxury cars. Such a car can be rented at a price 20-30 dollars cheaper than usual. Several factors affect the price:

  • Car class. Small cars and inexpensive brands are cheap. Cabriolets, crossovers, and other executive-class cars are more expensive.
  • Rent term. The longer the rental period, the lower the average daily price.
  • Time of year. The high season in Georgia begins in April and ends in early September. At this time, renting a car in Batumi is somewhat more expensive.
  • Car rental conditions. The car rental service may set different conditions. Unscrupulous companies provide hidden payments. Because of this, the price will be higher.

In addition, the price is influenced by how far in advance the car was rented. Therefore, booking allows you to save money.

What is included in the car rental price?

The price of a car rental includes several services. A good service includes the following in the payment:

  • vehicle insurance;
  • parking in the city;
  • specific mileage per day (you can order unlimited rental);
  • taxes and fees provided by law;
  • a replacement car in the event of a technical malfunction not due to the driver's fault.

The rental company undertakes to provide the vehicle in a fully operational condition. Tires must correspond to the season. The tank is filled with gasoline but must also be filled when the vehicle is handed over. The driver can count on round-the-clock technical support.

Terms of car rental in Batumi

It is possible to rent a vehicle inexpensively if the customer meets the company's requirements. Otherwise, the company may raise the price or even refuse to rent. The conditions are as follows:

  • Mileage limitation. To rent a car for trips around the city, the mileage provided by the company is quite enough. But if you plan to travel to other cities often, for example, Tbilisi and Kutaisi, you need to order a rental with unlimited mileage.
  • The age is 21 years. If you plan to rent a representative-class car, the age threshold can be even higher, for example, 25 years.
  • Driving experience of at least two years. It is only possible to take a car with driving experience.
  • Additional accessories. Car rental can provide a child car seat, a navigator, a roof rack, etc. Additional equipment is provided for an additional fee.
  • Place of delivery of the car. For example, if you plan to take the car to Batumi and return it to Kutaisi, it may require additional costs. However, many services provide such an opportunity for free.

Some car rental companies offer a service, the price of which includes the opportunity to drive the car for several drivers.

Documents for car rental

Having chosen a car on the site, you need to consider that when placing an order with a rental company, you must provide a passport and a driver's license. A foreign passport or Ukrainian-style driving license will do. People over the age of 21 and over two years of driving experience can rent a car inexpensively.

Rental car insurance in case of an accident

It is good if the rental company provides an insurance policy. For example, the rental company may offer OSAGO or CASCO insurance. The customer can choose the conditions. In some cases, full insurance is provided, covering any problems related to the rental car.

A deductible may be provided instead of insurance. This deposit covers possible damage caused to the car. The deposit is frozen on the credit card. If problems during use or breakdowns occur due to the customer's fault, the corresponding amount of funds for repairs is deducted from the deposit amount.

Recommendations in the event of a car accident

Rental companies can offer different insurance conditions. If an accident has occurred, the driver must act correctly:

  • He will immediately report this by phone to the company's representative where he rented the car.
  • They will wait for the arrival of the police and the insurance agent.
  • He will draw the necessary documents and hand them to the car rental company.

You need to find a car in a company that values its reputation. Otherwise, problems may arise when handing over the car. If there is visible damage to the car, it must be recorded upon receipt and also photographed.

Features of driving in Batumi

The rules of driving in Georgia do not differ significantly from the peculiarities of driving vehicles in our country. Therefore, problems should not arise. But several features must be taken into account before renting a car.

Traffic rules

In Georgia, drivers use the sound signal not only to warn but also when overtaking if they greet or express dissatisfaction with the way of driving.

If pedestrians are in front of the driver or the adjacent lane, he turns on the emergency horn, warning those driving behind. Be sure to brake before the intersection.

Not all drivers (even locals) know which road is the main one. Therefore, it is better not to risk it. First, you must stop, look around, and ensure that everyone is passing you by. Only then can you go. The main traffic rules are as follows:

  • The speed limit in Batumi is 60 km/h, and on the highway - 90 km/h. Let's allow an excess of 15 km/h.
  • The driver and passenger must fasten their seat belts in the front seats.
  • Children up to 12 years old ride only in the back seats, and up to 3 years old - in a particular car seat.
  • You can't talk on the phone.

Driving in Georgia is quite careless. Locals can cross one or two solid lanes when overtaking someone. And sometimes they act like that and just like that. This may seem a little strange to us, but this is a driving feature in this country. And for such a thing here, they are rarely fined.

Parking Features

Paid parking is provided in the old town along the dam. But there are free parking lots in the city. They are usually located near a hotel or a supermarket. In addition, some car rental services include a parking fee in the price.

Fines in Batumi

For speeding, you will have to pay a fine of 17 dollars. Talking on the phone is punishable by a fine of about 10 dollars. If the child is transported incorrectly or if the seat belt is not fastened, you will have to pay 13.7 dollars. For refusing to stop at the request of the police, a fine of 103 dollars is provided. in the case of alcohol intoxication, you will have to pay 300 dollars. Sometimes the driver is disqualified for this.

Police and cameras in Batumi

Traffic police communicate with drivers politely. They will tell you how to get to the desired attraction without problems. But in no case should you bribe them. If you are issued a fine, you must accept it. You cannot ask to agree on the spot. Such behavior entails legal proceedings.

Gas stations and fuel prices in Batumi

There are many gas stations in Batumi. You can fill up your car without leaving it. You need to tell the gas station employee how much gasoline you need and what kind. You can pay for fuel in cash or by card.

Batumi: the best attractions

Famous sights in Batumi include:

  • Statue of Alya and Nino.
  • Square "Piazza".
  • Botanical garden.
  • Lake Ardaghany.
  • Mount Mtyrala.

There are other exciting places and attractions. You need a car to see them all. When choosing a model, it is necessary to consider the conditions under which it will be used.

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