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Car rental in Georgia

Georgia is a beautiful country with a vast list of attractions. To see them all, you can rent a car. Such a service will also be helpful to those who have visited this country on a business trip. Renting a car in Georgia provides mobility, allows you to visit many exciting places, and spend time productively. To rent a suitable car, use the order form below.

Car rental in Georgia

How much does it cost to rent a car in Georgia?

The car rental price in Georgia depends on the season, vehicle class, and several other conditions. In general, renting a car in this country can be very inexpensive. Georgian rental averages from 20 to 80 dollars per day. The cost of a car may increase if additional options are provided, for example, a navigator, a child car seat, etc.

Our company BLS recommends car rental in Georgia, which offers the Discover service Cars. This is our trusted car rental partner. Discover Cars offers car rental in Georgia on favorable terms for the customer. The approximate rental price is as follows:

  • a small car for the city - 22-30 dollars per day;
  • middle class - 20-30 dollars per day;
  • crossover - 25-35 dollars per day;
  • minivan - from 32 USD/day.

A good car for driving in the mountains is a powerful crossover with high ground clearance.

It should also be considered that in the high season (from May to September), the rental price is 5-10% higher. The price of the service includes insurance, taxes, and fees. It is good to rent a car for a long time. The price per day, in this case, will be less. The cost per week will be as follows:

  • in the non-tourist season - 200-350 dollars per day;
  • during the tourist season - 240-400 dollars per day.

Suppose you must bring a car to a particular place—this service costs $ 15. Usually, guests of the country are asked to bring a car to Tbilisi airport.

The chosen tariff also affects the price. It can be unlimited or with a daily mileage limit.

Refueling of the fuel tank is charged separately. The company provides a car with a full tank. In this form, the car must be returned to the lessor.

What documents are needed to rent a car

To rent a car, you need to consider several requirements of such services. First, the driver must have a driving experience of 3 years, calculated from obtaining a driver's license. In addition, the following documents are required:

  • Driver's passport.
  • The rights that they received in their country. An international driver's license is not required.
  • Rental voucher. This document is issued upon booking and sent by email.

When booking, an amount of 15 to 20% is paid. The rest of the payment is made by the rental service upon transfer. You may also be required to pay a deposit of $50-200. It is convenient to find a suitable car online. In this format, offers can be pretty profitable. Savings can be up to 30%.

A contract is required. Local small rental services can give a car without signing such a document. But in this case, the client can expect several unpleasant surprises. Therefore, the contract must be signed. Upon receipt of the car, an inspection report is drawn up, which records:

  • damage in the cabin and on the body, if any;
  • the amount of fuel in the tank.

If the contract has not been signed and the inspection report has not been correctly drawn up, problems may arise when handing over the vehicle.

What kind of cars can you rent in Georgia?

You can rent the following cars:

  • Inexpensive: Hyundai Accent, Toyota Prius, Ford Fiesta, Honda Insight, Kia Rio. These are cars aged 7-15 years.
  • New: These are 2-3-year-old cars of popular brands. Here is a large selection of technological models with an onboard computer, automatic transmission, etc.
  • SUVs: a popular model in this category is Mitsubishi Pajero I.O. Also, guests of the country often order Mitsubishi Outlander, Ford Escape, and Toyota RAV 4 cruiser Prado.
  • Lux: This is an executive and business class car. For example, this category includes Mazda MX-5 and BMW 328i. Maserati remains one of the most expensive cars today. Ghibli.

The choice of models in rental services is quite broad. Therefore, you can choose the best option by the allocated budget and user needs.

Insurance, franchise, and pledge in Georgia

A franchise is a deposit left by the tenant. This amount covers the damage caused to the car in the event of an accident. The franchise size depends on the rental conditions and the class of the car.

Therefore, usually, a car rental company requires a deposit or deposit. If an accident occurs during the use of the vehicle or any damage is caused due to the customer's fault, the amount of damage will be deducted from the deposit left. But compensation cannot be more than the cost of the franchise. If the car is returned without damage, the deposit will be returned in full. Usually, the deductible is equal to the deposit amount, but exceptions exist.

The difference between a deposit and a pledge is only in the form of a transfer of funds. In the case of a pledge, the money is transferred in cash. When working in the deposit format, the funds are “frozen” on the customer’s bank card. It should be noted that after the vehicle is returned to the rental service, the blocking of funds is removed within 2-5 days.

Also, when concluding a contract with a company, it is usually required to take out insurance. It is of the following types:

  • OSAGO ( TPL). This is compulsory insurance included in the price of rental services. The injured party would receive compensation if the driver of the rental car were responsible for the accident.
  • CASCO (CDW). Such insurance includes the cost of the franchise and provides total compensation for damage in the event of an accident. Some types of damage are not included in the CASCO insurance policy (for example, wheels, interior, glass, bottom).
  • Super CASCO. This insurance covers the cost of any damage.

The validity of any insurance is canceled if the driver left the scene of an accident or was intoxicated.

Car rental in Georgia without collateral and franchise

You can rent a car in Georgia without a franchise and a deposit. To do this, when searching for suitable options, you need to check the box next to the phrase “No deposit”. In this case, the system will find offers with Super CASCO insurance. Such rental options reduce the amount of the deposit and deductible to zero because all possible risks are covered by insurance.

Most popular car rental cities in Georgia

Most often, a car is booked in Tbilisi. Here is the largest airport in Georgia, where most tourists arrive. Therefore, it is advisable to book a car in advance. This gives confidence that at the right time, the car will be served at the entrance to the airport.

Also, cars are often rented in Batumi. This is Adjara's capital, located 378 km from Tbilisi. This is a tourist center, where car renting will also not cause difficulties. Renting is also popular in cities such as Kutaisi and Kobuleti.

Where driving a rented car is not worth it

Even in a four-wheel drive jeep, you should not go to such places:

  • Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The Georgian authorities do not control these territories. There is no insurance.
  • Road Lechkhumi , Akhaltsikhe-Batumi. The road surface here is inferior, so even the locals do not drive here.
  • Mountainous area UshguliLenteh. There are many steep, dangerous slopes here, and rental cars are not allowed.
  • Trips to the regions of Omalo, Tusheti, and Shatili are prohibited.

For the safety of the driver, a briefing is carried out. In addition, prohibitions and restrictions on movement are specified in the contract.

Features of car rental in Georgia

A car in Georgia is usually rented for tourist trips. This is a mountainous area where a four-wheel drive is ideal: crossover or jeep. Usually, the car is served at the airport. The company manager will meet the customer to sign the necessary papers.

Requirements for rights in Georgia

There are no high requirements for a driver's license. It must be a category "B" license. The surname and name of the owner must be duplicated in English.

Traffic rules in Georgia

It provides a speed limit in settlements up to 60 km/h, and outside the city - 90 km/h, on the highway - up to 110 km/h.


There are paid and free parking lots. They are marked with an "R". Sometimes, car rental companies pay for parking within city limits. Parking is purchased for at least a day. In large cities, you can use the services of a valet.

Gas stations and fuel prices

Gas stations offer three types of gasoline, gas, and diesel fuel. There are three types of gasoline:

  • Regular (corresponds to the 92nd gasoline);
  • Premium (analog of the 95th);
  • Super (parameters as in the 98th).

The price varies from 1.2 to 1.4 dollars per liter. Diesel costs approximately $1.5/ liter, and gas costs $0.73.

Police in Georgia

There is many police on the roads, but they are competent, polite specialists. The police are loyal to the guests of Georgia. You won't just stop your vehicle here. If you drive carefully, there will be no problems.

Cameras in Georgia

In big cities, traffic violations are recorded by cameras. They can also be installed on tracks. Therefore, it is not recommended to exceed the speed limit. The permissible limit value, after which the driver will receive a fine, is 15 km / h above the permissible value.

Penalties in Georgia

The highest fines are for drunk driving ($377). In addition, there are penalties for speeding, talking on the phone, transporting a child without a car seat, without a seat belt fastened, etc. The fine must be paid within 30 days. Then the amount is doubled.

Roads in Georgia

All roads in this country are free. The authorities pay attention to the timely replacement of the road surface. Most of the tracks are of good quality. It should be borne in mind that in some areas laying asphalt roads is irrational. Travel to popular tourist attractions is usually satisfactory.

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