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Why, when and how to disinfect a car from coronavirus

The coronavirus epidemic has made serious changes in the life of every person, the question of protection against possible infection with the disease has arisen. And drivers should also take care of compliance with safety rules, disinfection of the interior of their car. The health of both him and those passengers whom he will let into his car depends on this. There are effective products that can be used for high-quality disinfection. Special services also provide sanitization services for cars. The organizations that provide cars for rent did not stay away from the general problem and also included disinfection in the list of works on preparing the car for rental.

Why and how often to disinfect the car interior

Coronavirus pathogens can be transmitted by airborne droplets, as well as by contact with an infected surface. The driver only needs to touch the handle of the door, which was opened by the passenger, so that particles of the virus remain on the skin of his hands. These hands can also touch the face (eyes, nose), which will lead to infection. You should take the issue of safety as seriously as possible and use various means for sanitizing interior surfaces.

Such processing should be carried out in epidemic conditions daily. If there was also a passenger (several passengers) in the car, after their gain from the car, you need to wipe all surfaces to which he touched (could touch). The largest number of bacteria, pathogens of the virus, accumulates on the door handles.

Auto disinfectants from coronavirus

For self-treatment of the surfaces of the car interior, it is recommended to use several reliable, strong preparations.

  1. Alcohol solution (alcohol content must be at least 70%). The solution is excellent for the treatment of hard surfaces. You can first wipe the interior with a cloth dampened with plain water, and then apply alcohol to the surface. It is only important to take into account the features of the material, but alcohol is safe for most interior parts.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide (3%). This remedy is also highly effective against the virus. It is convenient to use a spray bottle that applies hydrogen peroxide quickly and evenly to the surface.
  3. Plain water and soap will help disinfect a car interior if you don't have alcohol or a special antiseptic on hand. The main rule is to wipe the surface for at least 20 seconds.
  4. Stores of medical supplies and household chemicals offer to protect themselves from the virus and using antiseptics. When buying a pest control agent for a car, you need to look at its composition - its content should be at least 70-80%.

What remedies don't help against coronavirus?

Plain vodka also contains alcohol, but its use as a disinfectant is ineffective.

Attention. There is not enough alcohol in vodka, only 40%, it cannot destroy pathogens.

Drivers need to be aware of this so that the interior treatment is not in vain. If you wipe the handles and other parts with vodka, the prevention of infection will be weak.

Features of disinfection from the OZZO company

You can independently use a disinfectant antiseptic, alcohol, which destroy the coronavirus pathogen. But to ensure complete safety of the trip in the car, it is recommended to entrust the disinfection to professionals. The OZZO service offers car owners high-quality, reliable sanitization of the vehicle, such a topical service protects the driver and his family from a dangerous illness. A new drug is used, completely safe for humans, environmentally friendly. Processing is carried out quickly, safe for the condition of the salon. The price of the service is affordable, which allows you to order disinfection as often as possible during the epidemic.

Car rental as a way to protect yourself

If car owners are just getting used to such duties as interior sanitation, then the rental companies immediately took the problem responsibly.BSL provides rental cars that have been disinfected according to the OZZO method. Thanks to this professional approach on the part of BSL, the client's car is safe and ready to leave, the driver does not need to waste time on handling.

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