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Vinnytsia: what to see and where to go

This city has repeatedly been recognized as the most comfortable to live in Ukraine. And it's not just about well-functioning utilities and good transport. There is something to see: the famous fountains, picturesque landscapes, extraordinary architecture: Vinnytsia can surprise and amaze. Therefore, BLS Car Rental today, in our traditional section on travel in Ukraine, advises to go to this city on the Bug.

Getting from Kiev to Vinnytsia is quite simple - if you drive on the roads E40 / M06 and E583 / M21 it will take you about 3.5 hours. It is better to go here in your car, and to avoid risks on the road - an SUV. If you do not have your own - rent a car in Kiev with our company.

What is worth seeing in the city?

Perhaps one of the most famous buildings in Vinnytsia, the city's calling card is the Kalancha water tower, which is located in the city center. It is more than 100 years old, and from it you can start exploring the city. In the center you can easily find also wrought iron sculptures, which are often photographed by tourists: saxophonist, writer, violinist and many others.

One of the oldest monuments in Vinnytsia is a complex of defensive structures, the so-called Walls. Along with the Transfiguration Cathedral, which also deserves attention, is a significant part of this ancient building: The walls were built in the seventeenth century by Jesuit monks. There is also a castle in Vinnytsia - with an embankment, towers and a moat. This is the palace-manor of the Grokholskis, built in the 18th century. Nearby is a large picturesque Pyatnichansky Park, which is also worth a visit.

Another architectural highlight of Vinnytsia is the Evangelical Baptist Church, which resembles Disney Castle with its pointed domes rather than the church itself. And behind the house of the Gospel is one of the tallest TV towers in Ukraine.

But not the most popular place in Vinnytsia is not some architectural strangeness, but the embankment "Roshen". Here are the famous Vinnytsia fountains - they are worth seeing when visiting the city. Here you can always rent a catamaran and swim near the island of Kemp: in summer, when nature abounds, it is especially nice.

Among Vinnytsia's restaurants on Tripadvisor, Pasta e Vino, Tiflis, as well as Pan Zavarkin and Son have high ratings, and among hotels, France, Fenix and Versailles have high ratings.

Therefore, we advise you to dedicate at least 2 days of your time to Vinnytsia, leaving on Friday evening. If you decide to rent a car - this is not a problem: the Weekend tariff from BLS you pay for 2 days off, and get a car for your use - in fact - for 3 days!