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Valentine's Day in Lviv!

Friends, this Friday - February 14th - all lovers enjoy their holiday. And those who are not in love envy them and are looking for the only love. Agree - this is best done in romantic places. Can a city be romantic in Ukraine? Write your version in the comments, but we believe that this is Lviv!

Why did we choose him? Spoiler: Not only because 14 is Tina Karol. There are many reasons for this. Elegant antiquity and historical flair, exquisite European architecture and cozy cafes are only a small fraction between them. And to make a romantic quest in Lviv is a wonderful atmospheric adventure and a very appropriate gift for a loved one on Valentine's Day. Therefore, read on our ideas for such a quest - a list of special locations imbued with love. Look for these points on a city map and travel by car. By the way, the BLS company now has amazing discounts on all rental cars - prices start at $18.

Italian courtyard.

In this courtyard, built in the 16th century, the Polish king Jan Sobieski and the French diva Maria Kazmiri cherished their love.

Stryisky park

Even before the Second World War, it was considered one of the most beautiful in Central and Eastern Europe. They say that in Swan Lake, in the center of the park, Love lives, embodied in white swans. The park is perfect for privacy.

“Place for kisses”

near the Boim chapel and Cafe No. 1, it is hidden from the noise of Rynok Square. This corner is one of the most beautiful and most romantic places in Lviv.

Potocki Palace

was built on the example of the French palaces of Paris. Its cozy courtyard is a great place for the solitude of lovers.

Square near the Opera House

- a traditional meeting place for lovers in Lviv. And in the Opera itself on February 14 the famous symphony orchestra Lord of the Sound performs with the romantic program "Love Story"!

Sheptytsky Center

In itself, it’s not super-romantic, but on February 14th there will be an interesting lecture on the Beatles group and the Beatles beloved women from the famous Ukrainian intellectual Yaroslav Hrytsak.

Malevich Night Club

The place itself is very romantic - this is one of the coolest clubs in Lviv. And on February 14, the unique Tina Karol will also perform here!

Therefore, travel together to Lviv - we advise you to go not only on February 15 but also on the weekend. This Friday we will traditionally publish interesting events on February 14 and 15 on our page, so don’t miss out!