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TOP 22 great places near Kiev for a weekend trip

There is very little time left before winter arrives. Often guests and locals are faced with the question of what you can see next to Kyiv to have fun and usefully. Especially for you, we have made a selection of interesting places for a good rest 150 km from the capital. You should not sit only in the city, you need to get out into the countryside, especially as Ukraine is rich in interesting sights.


What winter does without active sledding and skiing? Such locations can be found not only in Kyiv but also in the region. In Vyshgorod, you can visit the ski resort of the same name. According to eyewitnesses, the tracks in the complex are much better than in Protasov Yar. Guests come down from the slopes of the mountain not only during the day but also at night. Slides are open for children, you can ride a tubing. The nature in this place is impressive. This is a beautiful place near the water, where thousands of thrill-seekers flock.

Zoo of happy animals "12 months"

Located near the city, only 40km from the capital between Demidov and Litvinovka. You need to get to the place along the highway to Dymer. Hundreds of animals live here, the territory occupies 16 hectares. The whole complex is built on modern technology. Open winter contact zoo. Children will love the pirate ship and the large playground.

In the center of the location near the pond, there is a restaurant Ludwig King, built like a Disney castle. It very much resembles the Bavarian castle Schloss Neuschwanstein, which can be seen in the animated film “Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs”.

Ethnographic complex "Ukrainian Village"

A great place to go on a weekend to be close to the city, but at the same time very informative and fun. The place is always located 15 km from Kyiv in the village of Buzova. If you get by car, then you need to go in the direction of Zhytomyr. This is an informative tour where you will learn a lot about Ukrainian folk traditions and rituals.

All guests are invited to parties, girls can arrange fortunetelling, as it was in the old days. You can visit the complex on any of the New Year's holidays, and in February you can pompously celebrate Shrovetide. As expected, there will be pancakes and 12 types of dumplings.

On the territory, there is a recreation center, a zoo, a museum, picnic houses, a sauna, restaurants, and places for barbecue facilities. The hotel consists of five ancient, authentic huts that were brought from Polesie. Each 4-bed room has all the amenities inside, plasma, air conditioning, shower. All this looks quite harmonious with the antiques - the clay stove inside, icons, wooden benches, and antique dishes. The walls are decorated with towels, on the floor - carpets with a beautiful pattern.

On weekends and holidays, there are workshops on pottery, baking rolls and bread, knitting national dolls-motanka.

Bukin park and canyon

Another interesting place near Kyiv in the village of Buki, Skvirsky district. The park was founded in 1996. It’s about 110 km to go to it, but this place is worth it. It was bought by businessman I. Suslov. Previously, there was a landfill at 2.7 hectares, which he cleared to turn into a Kyiv landmark. The park is divided into 2 locations. The first part can be entered for free, and a beautiful fountain immediately meets the guests. Previously, he stood on Independence Square. Nearby stands the bell tower of Daniel and the Church of St. Eugene.

In the second part, guests will find the Fairy Tales Alley, a small contact zoo. Here is the estate of the owners. Entrance is paid, but many try to get here to make a wish. The fact is that 3 affectionate frogs rise near the riverbank, and if you put your hand in their mouths and stroke them on the head, all your dreams will come true. It is noteworthy that the businessman put a monument near the water to his beloved writer - Maxim Gorky.

On this territory, there is a beautiful bridge, where on the one hand you can see the colorful Alley of Tales, and on the other - the waterfall. In the park you can eat in the restaurant, the hotel works.


Everyone has heard of this place. Another popular excursion near Kyiv. This is a country residence of the former president of Ukraine - V. Yanukovych. Here you can walk all day, very beautiful and interesting. They give out bicycles in the summer to make it easier to see the vast territory. In winter, it's nice to take a walk, breathe in the fresh frosty air. The entrance to many objects is paid.

You can see a clubhouse near Kyiv - Honku, built from a natural massif of wood in Mezhyhirya. Inside the room is striking in its chic. Do not forget to visit the zoo, a dog training center. A fitness center is open in winter. There is a place in the village of New Petrovtsy.


The most visited attraction among the people of Kyiv. Tourists from all over the country come together to look at the estate and a large number of exhibits. The territory is impressive - 150 hectares. Here you can see the mini-village, how our ancestors lived before, visit the museum. On the territory of the show programs, celebrate national holidays, festivals. Guests can learn to ride a horse if desired. It is noteworthy that the museum holds a wedding ritual for all comers. There is a place on the outskirts of the capital.

Geonaut Cave

Near the village of Khodosovka, there is a natural cave. In the capital and the region, there are many such places, but they are all man-made. Everything is different here, nature has tried. The cave is 60 meters long, and visitors leave their drawings on the walls. There are 2 tunnels in the cave, and one of them leads to the main hall. Remember that the tour will not be easy since the cave is narrow, you will have to climb constantly uphill.


"Ukrainian Holland" - this is the name of this beautiful park near Kiev, when it just began to receive visitors. This is due to the fact that at the end of April - on the day of the opening of the place, tulips bloomed here. There are about a million of them here, so guests who came here for a walk on a weekend could enjoy the beauty of a flower alley 8.5 km long and 1.2 m wide. Tulips are replaced by petunias, lavender, there is a valley with hydrangeas. The owners of the arboretum plan to decorate the territory with pears and sakura in the future.

In addition to flowers, you can look at bushes and trees (over 44,000 items), there is a lake in which you can even swim in the warm season. Tickets are available at a price of 150 hryvnia, discount categories of 45%, children under 5 years old admission is free. The "Ukrainian Holland" is located 18 km outside Kiev, if you go along the Zhytomyr highway near the village of Motyzhin.

Buchi City Park

If you don’t know where to walk outside the city with children, then go to the central park Buchi (Institutskaya st., 54), which is located just 20 km from the city. You will find not only picturesque nature, but also entertainment, vibrant local attractions, man-made expositions and outdoor activities.

What can be seen in this place:

  • A green arch reminiscent of the tunnel of love in the Rivne region.
  • Toy railway.
  • Playgrounds for children, attractions.
  • Garden compositions, statues.
  • Rope park for children and adults "Crazy squirrel".

On the territory you can ride rollerblades, skateboards, bicycles (there are children's and adult models), electric cars and other small-sized equipment. All this is rented, but you can also bring your own vehicle. The park is located in the Kiev region, you need to get there by car along the Warsaw highway E373.

Feofania Park

This beautiful place is located on the outskirts of the city. And although the entrance to this park is paid, the ticket price is purely symbolic - 40 hryvnia, and for teenagers there is a 50% discount. Children under 7 years old - free. It is convenient that you can go here for a weekend not far from Kiev, relax in silence, wander along the beautiful alleys. It's nice that the park staff keep the territory clean.

The park was made in the style of a folkloric atmosphere. You will see gazebos entwined with a vine of grapes, wooden carved toys, paving stones, 4 artificial lakes, trimmed lawns. Regular visitors know one trick in Feofania - walking in the evening, which allows you to enjoy a wonderful sunset. Against the background of it, photo shoots are often arranged. To go to nature by car, you need to get to the Institute of Theoretical Physics. Bogolyubov, and there on foot to the "Cashier".

Park "Kievan Rus"

Just 34 km from the capital there is a center of culture and history, built on the basis of scientific research on the history of Ancient Russia in the V-XIII centuries. The main object on the territory is the whole city (ancient Kiev), which scientists and architects have tried to reproduce with maximum accuracy. Many people come here on weekends by car to have a good rest near Kiev, as well as to taste delicious dishes in the Vesely Varyag tavern.

The catering points do not end there, there are 4 more places where you can eat delicious simple Ukrainian dishes. You can always stay for a couple of days in the hotel "4 rooms", which is located 5 km from the park. The "Kievan Rus" is located in the Obukhiv region, the landmark is the village of Kopatel.

Complex "Valley of the ostriches"

As the name implies, this is an ostrich farm located 30 km from Kiev in the village of Yasnogorodka. For the first time these birds were brought to us in Ukraine in 2001 from Belgium. Now the livestock has expanded to 200 individuals. This excursion will be very useful for children, as in the park you can meet adult birds, as well as babies up to 3 months or more.

Gourmets can try ostrich dishes in the local inn "Ostrich Valley", you can add wine from the cellar to your order. If you have time, visit the tasting room. Children can relax in the playground. Souvenirs are sold on site, which the staff make on site, and on certain days they hold ostrich races. You can even go bird riding for an additional fee.

Flower clock in the village Kovalevka

The village is located 65 km from Kiev, founded at the beginning of the 16th century. The place is beautiful and picturesque, as the settlement is washed by the Kamenka River. And it consists of a cascade of ponds that stretch to neighboring villages. Many Ukrainians call this place Switzerland. Having reached the Kiev region by car, in just 30 minutes you will find yourself around green houses, neatly trimmed lawns, to the shine of washed roads. But the most exclusive is the flower clock. They are referred to as the chronometers of eternity, since they are above the surface of the earth, but the actions of the mechanism are controlled by a computer program. On the territory of the village there are schools, a health center, hotels, a pizzeria, a house of culture and a restaurant. Infrastructure is at its maximum, so do not be lazy to visit this place.

Arboretum "Alexandria"

There are many arboretums in Ukraine, and one of them is located 100 km from the capital in Bila Tserkva. You can go to this place for a weekend with children, best of all for the whole day, taking with you everything you need for a picnic. The territory of the object is 200 hectares, here you can find over 2.5 thousand names of plants and trees. There are also architectural monuments - this is the building of the Branitsky family, who became the founders of the park.

There are many artificial reservoirs on the territory where swans and ducks swim. The water is clean and clear. To make the birds comfortable, they built houses in which they stay until frost. Near the feeder. However, they are not allowed to feed the birds.

Khoetsky's estate

If you like visiting architectural buildings with history, then go by car to the Kiev region this weekend - to the village of Tomashevka. This Art Nouveau house was built at the beginning of the 20th century. In Soviet times, the house was used as a school, and now a man's monastery is located on the territory of the estate. Monks watch the zoo, green spaces, feed the birds.

The place has a religious significance, so certain rules should be followed when visiting. Women should walk on the territory of the monastery only in long skirts up to the toes with headscarves on their heads. The men are in long trousers, no shorts. By the way, it is forbidden to take pictures here, so you won't be able to arrange a photo session, but enjoy the silence and tranquility.

Blue lake in Pidhirtsi

There are many blue lakes in our country, but it is better to go to Podgortsy by car on a weekend in the Kiev region. A unique natural phenomenon awaits you there - a clean body of water just 24 km from the capital. It is noteworthy that the coastal area is divided into free and paid areas. It is allowed to call in here in your car, it costs only 30 hryvnia. For such little money, people can leave their car in the parking lot, walk along the clean beach, use the changing rooms and showers. In general, everything here is thought out for relaxation.

Museum of Life in Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky

At 85 km from the capital, you can visit the city-museum Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky. Its territory is impressive - it is 3 thousand hectares, so one day to explore the area is not enough. Geographically, the museum is located on the left side of the Dnieper at the confluence of the small river Trubezh. The park staff reconstructed the huts dating from the 17th-19th centuries, there is an interesting setting. During the excursion, you can understand how our ancestors lived and managed the household here.

Naturally, this territory is very picturesque - there are many natural reservoirs, there are artificial lakes, clean paths. Well-groomed flower beds, benches every 300 m, so you can sit, relax and enjoy nature. Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky has absorbed several museums that relate to beekeeping, the development of mail, the creation of bread, the formation of the Cossacks. Those who have visited Pirogovo at least once will say that the places are similar, but Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky has a larger area.

Banana farm in Rozny

Having driven only 45 km from the center of the capital, you can get into the real tropics. Local enthusiasts have created a banana farm here, where they grow not only Musa acuminata fruits, but 50 other types of tropical fruits and vegetables. Here you can buy lemons, coffee, figs, pineapples, tangerines almost at any time of the year. Anatoly Patiy owns this beauty. He is a breeder, scientist, and a fan of greenhouse plant growing.

Guests of the farm in Rozhni often encounter him, as he does not hesitate to conduct excursions for visitors, loves to talk with children, shows off his new plants and delicious fruits of exotic plants. If you wish, you can buy tropical plants home if you have a greenhouse or winter garden.

Sofiyivka in the city of Uman

Another popular dendrological park, which was called the pearl of our country. He was also noticed by Count Potocki at the beginning of the 19th century, who decided to give his wife a gift - to set up a beautiful park on the site of a natural corner. Now this place is decorated with beautiful fountains, man-made ponds, cascades of waterfalls and other architectural structures.

Better head here for a weekend to see all the beauty of Uman. In a hotel near the arboretum, you can rent a room for any budget. There is also a sauna, swimming pool, solarium, bar and restaurant for guests. The complex has Wi-Fi.


Until now, it is impossible to say for sure whether it is a park or a city. But this place is often visited by families with children. The recreation area is located in the Goloseevsky region and includes many antiquities dating from the 10th-15th centuries. Visitors can see the caves where monks lived, burial grounds, the remains of cities that are still remembered by the inhabitants of Kievan Rus. According to local legends, the Nightingale the Robber once lived here.

The whole place is dotted with paths, secret passages and caves, and in the 14th century a monastery was built here. You can also visit the picturesque Goloseevsky Park, but you won't be able to enjoy the silence here. The fact is that families with children have chosen this place, so it is noisy, fun, conversations and children's laughter are heard everywhere. Playgrounds have been built for visitors, you will find restaurants, recreation areas with barbecues and gazebos in the park (you need to order them in advance, since there are a lot of people who wish).


This is a park area that is considered a good place for families. In the warm season, Kievites come here to swim in the lake and sunbathe on the beach. On other days - cook barbecue on the shore of the reservoir, take beautiful pictures for memory, go fishing. There are many children's camps and recreation centers in this place. For a picnic, you can rent a gazebo for the whole day along with a barbecue. You can use your own firewood or buy it from the administrator.

"Sakura Island" on Volodarka

This is another picturesque corner of nature near Kiev, which is a couple of hours away by car. The founder of this city is Yaroslav the Wise, who built a fortress here at the beginning of the 11th century. Everything here is done with love - beautiful alleys, sculptures, many flowers, a waterfall, bridges, a poultry yard. There is a playground for children, and a bite to eat at a local cafe.

The historic town is located 140 km from the capital, 35 km from Bila Tserkva, you need to move by car along the E95 highway. Many people rent gazebos here for birthdays, weddings on the second day and other events. Recreation areas are located right on the shore of the lake. After the park, you can visit the cozy Alley of Lovers with original benches. Don't forget to take your camera with you.

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