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The center of the Volyn region the city of Lutsk

Take out your wallet and carefully examine the 200-hryvnia bill. On it, you will notice something for which it’s definitely worth a visit to Lutsk. On the opposite side of the portrait of Lesya Ukrainka (which is also connected with the city), Lubart Castle is painted - this is the regional center that is proud of it.

And there is something - because it is one of the oldest and largest castles in Ukraine. The fortress was built in the fourteenth century, it still blows from antiquity - despite the fact that it is perfectly preserved. There are many other interesting places in Lutsk, about which you will read further.

In general, the center of the Volyn region is one of the wonderful options for a trip from Kiev for the weekend. Going by car there is only 400 kilometers, so having left in the morning already in the afternoon you will enjoy the local flavor. We recommend only renting new and technically perfect cars so as not to have any surprises during the trip.

In addition to the Lubart castle, the ancient Lutsk will amaze you with another well-preserved attraction - the tower of the Princes Czartoryski near Dragomanova Street. This is part of the Lower, or Okolny Castle. It is somewhat younger than the fortress with a 200-hryvnia banknote, but not by much - it was built in the 15th century.

Famous Lutsk and its temples. For example, the Peter and Paul Church of the eighteenth century will appeal to fans of elegant architecture. A neo-Gothic church, built in 1906, may give the impression that you are somewhere in Western Europe. Not far from the church is the local House with chimeras, which belongs to the architect Golovan. The house is very creatively decorated in the style of the Austrian Hundertwasser, which also reminds the creation of the famous Gaudi, so we advise you to look here.

From museums, we recommend visiting the Kosach family, which is located near the castle of Lubart. Lesya Ukrainka's father, Petro Kosach, worked in this house. Lesya herself lived here for several months - from October 1890 to January 1891. The other two local museums that are definitely worth a visit are the book museum, the pride of which is the Service Gospel, printed in Lviv in 1644, and the “Trebnik” of Peter Mogila, published in 1646, as well as the museum of bells, which you will find on the territory of the castle of Lubart - here you will, in particular, see the bell, which has already turned 360 years old!

Lutsk is a relatively large and tourist attractive city, it is not surprising that there are many restaurants and hotels for every taste. The highest ratings on TripAdvisor are the restaurants Korona Vitovta, Show Basilic, and Cafe de Vino. Among the hotels recommend Noble Boutique Hotel, Patio di Fiori and Silver Storks.