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Rent a car: from a company or from a private trader?

Car rental may be required in various life situations: repair, you came to another city for business or tourist purposes. However, to make the service useful and not create unnecessary trouble, it is worthwhile to carefully choose not only the make and model but also the rental method.

Rent a car

Cons and pros of renting from private owners

Many motorists believe that dealing with the direct owner of the car is more profitable. In favor of this point of view, as a rule, the following arguments are given.

  1. Cheaper prices that can be further reduced during the inspection of the machine.
  2. The lack of a large number of papers during registration.
  3. The opportunity to resolve controversial issues, if they arise, amicably, without involving traffic police officers.

At the same time, private traders do not bother to draw up a lease or do it so negligently that in the end, the document has no legal force. Therefore, both the owner and the tenant in most of these transactions are not protected from illegal actions of the other party, and all the apparent advantages are just an oral agreement, which can change at any time. The landlord can always withdraw his car, back, overcharge the rental price in the final calculations, and his client can break the car or not return it at all without any compensation.

Advantages and disadvantages of renting in companies

When applying for rental services to legal entities, you can be sure that all the terms of the transaction are strictly adhered to, as they will necessarily be fixed in the contract. Most likely, when applying for a car rental in a company, you will spend a little more time on registration than when working with a private person, but it's worth it.

Advantages and disadvantages of renting in companies

Another advantage of applying to a legal entity is a wide selection of cars. Not a single private owner will not have a large fleet of vehicles, it is simply unprofitable. In rental companies, you can choose the model and brand that will satisfy all your requirements better than others.

  1. Roomy SUV for country trips.
  2. Crossovers or minivans for long trips with the whole family or with a noisy group of friends.
  3. Sedan of the middle class for ease of movement around the city.
  4. Presentable business class cars for meeting important partners and solving other business issues.

Moreover, all the cars in the company's fleet are always checked for malfunctions. Legal entities in most cases have their car service with professional auto mechanics who are responsible for the technical condition and can guarantee its good level by issuing an appropriate opinion. By the way, if you still decide to rent a car from the company, ask for a fresh help on the results of a fault check. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to prove that a possible breakdown occurred exactly on those few days while the car was in the garage after diagnosis, and not during your use.

As a result

If your goal is to save on rental costs, and you are good at cars and can independently evaluate the technical condition of any model, then you can take a chance by contacting a private trader. It’s good to have a law degree to draw up a contract yourself or check the one that the owner offers you. If you do not want to become a living example of the saying that the avaricious pays twice, contact a trusted organization to rent a car in Kyiv. So you save time, effort, get full confidence in compliance with all conditions of the transaction, and there will always be plenty to choose from.