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Rating of the best economy class cars in Ukraine

It is not too wise to overpay for options in the car, which in the end will never come in handy. However, you do not need to save on the necessary when choosing a car. In the event of a breakdown, large expenses will begin, expensive components will be needed.

Consider below the rating of budget cars that are popular with residents of Ukraine. This is the choice of people who value safety, comfort, and do not want to spend the hryvnia right and left. But at the same time, they are not ready to sacrifice functionality.

Machine classification

Before moving on to the list of available economy class cars, you should correctly understand the classification of vehicles. Two types of classification of machines are popular on the Ukrainian market - these are European and generally accepted (as intended).

The European classification implies the gradation of TS into classes:

  • "A" - economy class compact cars, which are often taken by women. Inside a cozy lounge. The dimensions of the machine are small, the length is less than 4m. These include Daewoo Matiz, Hyundai i10, Chevrolet Spark, Citroen C1.
  • The "B-class" is rated higher than the A-class. And experts can include the middle and economy class in this category. The list includes cars Renault Logan, Kia Rio, Hyundai Accen, Ford Fiesta. The length of the car is from 3.7m to 4.5m.
  • "C-class" accommodates cars such as the Honda Civic, Ford Focus, Audi A3, Skoda Octavia. This is the so-called "golf class".
  • Large vehicles with a length of 4.8 m are referred to the “D-class". These are Toyota Camry, Skoda Superb, Honda Accord and others.

There is also an E-class that says that this is a business machine. Representatives of this class prevail over other options with technical equipment, cost. Car maintenance is expensive. Class S is responsible for sports cars, M for minivans and commercial cars, and J for jeeps and crossovers.

Rating of the best economy class cars

Economy-class vehicles do not conquer everyone with their elegant appearance, high cost, various fillings and functionality. In the cabin, you rarely see heated seats, trim in natural wood. But the cars are reliable, economical, good in maintenance, and the price is attractive. They remain the most sought after and popular in the world. Consider which cars are preferred by over 30% of buyers from the USA and Europe.

Ford Fiesta

Compact, convenient, worthy representative of our rating. Such a model is affordable for Ukrainians due to the cheap price. Inside is a 1.5l diesel engine, and the car's power is 75l.s. Performance is not the highest, but we are considering a list of budget cars. With average power, fuel consumption is not high, only 4.4 liters per 100km.

Fiat Albea

This reliable budget car was created by experts from Eastern Europe and Latin America, where it immediately became very popular. Thanks to this, the plant began to expand its sales market, introduced the model to the Ukrainian market.

Albea feels fine on our roads. It is valued for its comfortable interior, a quite large trunk, and the most modest fuel consumption among cars from this rating. Drive it carefully, as it is difficult to get spare parts.

Peugeot 208

Inexpensive small-sized hatchback, which was immediately appreciated in Western Europe. Then the model was considered in the USA. There, the car broke all sales records. Now the CIS countries have taken the palm.

Experts call the interior inside extravagant, while the finish combines well with impressive technical characteristics and a modern exterior. You can choose the option with 1.4l or 1.6l depending on the configuration.

Volkswagen Polo GT

After 2008 car manufacturers decided to slightly transfer several features from the middle segment to the budget. Motorists were able to make the right choice in favor of inexpensive, but reliable cars with an interesting "stuffing". So it was with Volkswagen Polo GT.

The presentation of the new model took place in May 2015. Now the cars were equipped with a turbo engine, the design was slightly redrawn. The luggage capacity is 460l. Inside is a 1.4l gasoline engine. turbocharged. Direct Injection Technology. Engine power - 125hp, and acceleration to 100km / h Volkswagen Polo GT is gaining in 9s. The package includes EBD, ABS, and power steering.

Chevrolet Spark

Tops the list of the most reliable representatives of our rating, based on the results of Euro NCAP tests. This is the only car that received 4 stars out of 5 possible.

The advantages of buying a vehicle include a sporty look, a small size, which allows you to quickly find parking in urban areas. It is important to remember that you should not over-exploit the Chevrolet Spark since the nodes of its mechanisms are not designed for severe loads.

Kia Rio

A comfortable economy class car, which in 2016 managed to be updated. The Koreans showed that they have chosen a new strategy for the development of the company, which is contrary to the direction of competitors. South Korea needs to maintain its position in the Ukrainian market, so they annually fill the car with new options.

Citroen C1 и Peugeot 107

Both brands have much in common: small size, inexpensive price, stylish appearance, thoughtful interior design, a common platform and the participation of Toyota specialists in the development. The cars turned out to be maneuverable, comfortable, well adapted to city roads and streets. Cons are not so many. This is a small lounge and a lack of trunk.

Hyundai Solaris

The Seoul company Hyundai, following Kia, is trying not to lose its position in auto sales in Ukraine. They have a great Economy Solar car at affordable prices. Since 2018, the company has revised its pricing policy, and TSs have become an order of magnitude more affordable for domestic consumers.

Geely MK Cross, Vortex Estin, Lifan Solano и Chery Very

Our review will be completed with a list of the economy car TC from China. These are Haima, Geely MK Cross, Vortex Estin, Lifan Solano and Chery Very. The cost is small, and the benefits are many - pretty good assembly, comfortable salons, a modern exterior, roomy luggage racks and inexpensive auto parts available for order.

When choosing an inexpensive model, carefully study the technical specifications, specifications for cars. What is included in the package and what is not, if you take a new vehicle from a car dealership? It does not hurt to chat with people on forums that already have driving experience on your chosen car. This will make the right decision.

Car rental in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities is an ideal solution for those who plan to test a particular brand of car before buying or go on a business trip. A quick rental will help out when it is not possible to use your car if it is under repair. In any case, comfort is ensured along the way.

Request an economy car rental at BLS. Each car in this service is “shod” with rubber seasonally and has undergone a technical inspection. The cost has already included insurance "CASCO" and GO-policy. To get a car, it is enough to have a passport, TIN and driver’s license, with a driving experience of 2 years. If you wish, they will give you a GPS cabin, a child car seat and Internet with Wi-Fi for a small fee. The list of paid and free options from the rental service is regularly updated.