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Map of electric filling stations in Ukraine

Until recently, the main obstacle to the massive use of electric vehicles was the lack of developed infrastructure. The question of where to charge an electric car without problems arises primarily when using these environmentally-friendly vehicles. If the user has an electric Charging station card in Ukraine and abroad, he is sure that buying an electric car is no longer a problem, but a great solution!

Since 2015, our BLS company has been providing rental services for eco-cars Nissan Leaf, Smart, Tesla S, BMW I3. We guarantee tenants the availability of refueling electric vehicles at the right time and any chosen route. BLS works closely with TOKA, a supplier and developer of charging station networks.

We also want to inform you that charging in the TOKA charging station network for electric vehicles rented by BLS is free.

Map of electric car charging stations

Traveling on an electric car requires regular recharging on an EZK, for which it is recommended to fulfill several conditions:

  • Download and install the mobile application;
  • register and become a user of the "TOKA NETWORK" system.

The application will help you in real-time to determine the nearest places for charging electric vehicles on a specific route. Connection statistics and online station status will always be at hand. You can pay for the service in a way convenient for the user, for example, through the application in the "balance" section.

Benefits of an Interactive Map

Charging stations can be located not only at charging stations but also in parking lots, near supermarkets and shopping centers, as well as in the private sector.

The mobile map of electric vehicle refueling contains the following relevant information:

  • indication of the available types of charging at public and domestic stations;
  • precise indication of station coordinates with a brief description of the terrain;
  • information about the format of the accepted payment and the current tariff;
  • contactless switching on and off of the charging station;
  • statistics on charge cycles.

The map contains up-to-date information, is regularly updated and offers those who installed the TOKA application reliable information about charging stations in Kyiv, the Dnieper, Odesa, Lviv, and other Ukrainian cities. With a mobile card at their disposal, drivers do not have to worry about where to charge the electric car.