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Interesting weekend events on January 4 and 5, 2020 in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, and Lviv

Friends, we represent our traditional section “Weekend Poster”! Especially for you, we have chosen, perhaps, the most interesting and diverse events after the New Year holidays on January 4 and 5, 2020 in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, and Lviv. Have a great time on the first weekend of the year !!!

Even if the event you are interested in is not held in your hometown, it does not matter, the best solution is to rent a car from BLS because the choice is huge and you will not be tied to public transport! Moreover, we have a very sensible offer: with the Weekend tariff, you pay for 2 days off, and get the car for your use - in fact - for 3 days!

How does it work? When ordering a car for the weekend, tell our manager that you want to use the Weekend tariff. In this case, you can pick up the car on Friday to the ambassador at 17:00, and return - on Monday until 11:00.

Events in Kiev

GLENN Miller Orchestra

January 4, 19:00, International Center for Culture and Arts, ul. Institutskaya, 1.

January 4 The world-famous Glenn Miller Orchestra conducted by Vil Salden will land in Kyiv to play his signature "Jazz Christmas" holiday concerts. “Let your legs dance and your face will be lit with a happy smile because this is the main reason why mankind invented music Jazz!” - the musicians themselves say.

Sightseeing tour “Seven Wonders of Kiev”

January 5, 15:00, gathering - to the right of the entrance to Vladimir Cathedral.

You will be able to trace how the change of epochs from the Principality of Kyiv to the Commonwealth, from the Kingdom of Moscow to Soviet Ukraine, influenced the look of modern Kyiv. Listen to entertaining stories about the people of Kyiv and their city, about the city and its inhabitants, have fun with jokes, riddles, and surprises. You will see Vladimir Cathedral, Opera House, a monument to N. Lysenko, the Golden Gate, Sophia of Kyiv and much more. Cost - from 60 UAH.

Sand animation “The Night Before Christmas”

January 5, 14:00, Cinema House, ul. Saksaganskogo, 6.

The play was created based on the story by N.V. Gogol "The Night Before Christmas. Evenings at a Farm Near Dikanka", performed by the Golden Lion Theater of Sand Animation. On the big screen, the events of the last night will come to life before the bright holiday of the year - Christmas. Cost - from 120 UAH.

Events in Lviv

Drawing in the dark

January 4, 14:00, Coffee Galileo cafe, st. Green, 28.

The workshop “Drawing in the Dark” will teach you and your children to use fluorescent colors and, of course, fantasy! This is the real magic that everyone will enjoy. Duration - 1.5 hours, cost - 300 UAH (including materials).

Second Christmas Festival “BACH CONTEMPORARY”

January 4 and 5, 16:00, Lviv National Philharmonic, ul. Tchaikovsky, 7.

Bach’s music will be played at the concert, and his “colleagues” from the 18th century - Italian Giovanni Lucinetti, Spaniard Jose Blanco, German Georg Muffata and our Dmitry Bortnyansky - will make him company. Also follow other events of the festival in the Lviv Philharmonic. Ticket price - from 80 UAH.

Presentation of the carol disk “In the garden, garden” + big concert

January 5, 18:00, Center of Andrey Sheptytsky, ul. Kozeletskaya, 4.

The initiators prepared and released the long-awaited CD with folk carols from different regions of Ukraine in the author's processing and reading. They invite this wonderful event to celebrate with a big concert of carols.

Events in the Dnipro

Acceleration of material from STNDP

January 5, 19:00, Upper Bar, ul. Andrei Fabre 2.

After-party of the New Year (yes, this also exists). And what else? Home atmosphere, gatherings with friends ... stories that excite us ... moments that just somehow happen in our lives. Stand-up comedians will answer your craziest questions and add a hefty amount of humor to your answers! Cost - 150 UAH.

Day of free workshops

January 5, 15:00, entertainment and sports complex SKY, ul. Berezinskaya, 2.

Come to SKY with the whole family on January 4, because here is the Day of FREE workshops (however, at the price of an admission ticket). The program includes soap making, term mosaic, gingerbread cookies, slimes, and roller skating training. Admission fee - 200 UAH.

HERZ - Bohemian Christmas

January 5, 19:00, Bookstore “Є”, ave. Dmitry Yavornitsky, 55.

Spend Sunday evening in a Christmas atmosphere! The program of the evening includes Nikolai Gogol's "The Night Before Christmas", JAZZ-Kolyada and the Christmas vibe. Free admission.

Events in Kharkov

Ballet “Beauty and the Beast”

January 4, 11:30, KhNATOB, st. Sumy, 25.

The tale of Beauty and the Beast became especially popular in the twentieth century after the movie version of V. Disney. The duration of the ballet is 1 hour 10 minutes. It is designed primarily for children, although it can be recommended for family viewing. The ballet uses elements of both classical and modern choreography. Specify the cost.

Jazz Quintet "Between"

January 4, 19:00, art club Pintagon, st. Danilevsky, 26.

Jazz music is essentially aimed at improvisation and dialogue between musicians on stage. It was this principle of performance that formed the basis of Jazz Quintet's "Between" improvisations. The musicians will play their arrangements of famous works, as well as classical ones. The cost is 150-200 UAH.

The musical “Who Saves Disneyland”

January 5, 11:00, Palace of Students. Yaroslav the Wise, st. Pushkinskaya, 88.

The most famous and beloved heroes in the grand musical “Who Will Save Disneyland?” performed by talented Kharkiv artists - soloists of the professional variety theater of the Palace of Students. Cost - from 239 UAH.