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Interesting weekend events on January 25 and 26, 2020 in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro and Lviv

Friends, our traditional rubric "Weekend poster" is with you! Especially for you, we have chosen, perhaps, the most interesting and most diverse events of the weekend of January 25 and 26, 2020 in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, and Lviv. Here you can have a great time at various events - cool concerts, theater performances, masterclasses, excursions and other events for any demanding taste!

Even if the event that interests you does not happen in your hometown, it doesn’t matter, the best solution is to rent a car from BLS because the choice is huge and you won’t be tied to public transport! Moreover, we have a very sensible offer: you pay the Weekend tariff for 2 days off, and get the car for your use - in fact - for 3 days! How does it work? When ordering a car for the weekend, tell our manager that you want to use the Weekend tariff. In this case, you can pick up the car on Friday after 17:00, and return it on Monday at 11:00.

Events in Kyiv

Reconstruction of the battle for the Arsenal.

On January 25, at 4:00 p.m., the spectacular large-scale reconstruction of the battle for the Arsenal factory, which lasted on this spot in January 1918 between the UPR forces and the pro-Russian Bolsheviks, will be held for the fourth time at 16:00 on Arsenalnaya Square in Kyiv (metro station Arsenalnaya). During the battle, blank cartridges will be used. Free admission.

Winter Mass VII.

January 25, 16:30, Monte Ray Club, ul. Slotted, 8.
Seventh annual festival of Ukrainian stoner / psychedelic / doom / sludge / progressive / experimental groups - Winter Mass VII. Headliners - the world-famous Ukrainian team Somali Yacht Club is preparing a special set dedicated to a decade of creative activity. Cost - from 280 UAH.

January flea market on Zhitnem.

January 26, 12:00, Rye market, st. Upper shaft, 16.
On January 26, the organizers invite everyone to the Podolsk flea market in the Zhitniy market. Call all your neighbors and friends, bring things that you are ready to sell for a nominal price or exchange for something interesting from other participants of the flea market. Live music will add atmosphere and coziness. Admission is free, sellers are asked to register.

Events in Lviv

French short meter at Kinopalac.

January 25, 17:45, Kinopalaсe Lviv, st. Theatrical, 22.
Here are five multi-genre tapes that have become participants in prestigious international film festivals and have many awards: CLERMONT-FERRAND ISFF, PALM SPRINGS ISFF, LOCARNO IFF, LEUVEN ISFF, EI GOUNA FF, LINEA D'OMBRA, BROOKLYN HORROR FF. Cost - from 80 UAH.

Drama "The Bald Singer".

January 25, 18:00, First Theater, ul. Gnatyuk, 11.
The legendary idea of the master of the absurd Eugene Ionesco about human egoism, the lack of communication of which the absurdity lies in the fact that loved ones become strangers ... The drama of life!
Cost - from 80 UAH.

The music of Strauss.

January 25, 19:00, Lviv Organ Hall, st. Bandera, 8.
Music is happiness. Music is a holiday. The mood music. Listening to Strauss, you automatically find yourself in a luxurious hall, where gentlemen and ladies are beautifully and expensively dressed, and ladies circle in exquisite dance. After all, this is music for a refined society. Cost - from 80 UAH.

Events in the Dnipro

What's under the hood? Exhibition and master class.

January 25, 10:00 Technical Museum "Time Machines", ul. Mandrykovskaya, 44.
The organizers of the exhibition at the museum will show you what is usually hidden from the public: car engines, because now the museum is hosting the East-West exhibition, which displays cars from East and West Germany. Will open the hoods of cars; Wartburg, Trabant, BMW, GAZ-13 Seagull, etc. Cost - specify.

Ballet "Swan Lake".

January 26, 18:00, Dnipropetrovsk Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, st. Dmitry Yavornitsky, 72A.
“Swan Lake” is a story about eternal love, as in life - it is betrayal and mysticism, good and evil. The fantastic storyline is based on an old German legend about the beautiful girl Odette, turned into a white swan. Only love and fidelity can remove from its witching charms. The synthesis of the brilliant music of P. Tchaikovsky and the choreography of M. Petipa and L. Ivanov create special magic while watching the performance. Ticket price - from 80 UAH.

Performance 18+ "Caution - Women!"

January 26, 6:00 p.m., television, descent Krutogornaya, 9.
Modern women. Affectionate cats or obscure unpredictable panthers? What do they want and what can be expected of them? The creative team of the theater warns: "Caution - women!" Learn more and be careful: beauty is a terrible force! French comedy in one action in a television theater.

Events in Kharkiv

Art Party Van Gogh.

January 25, 17:30, Artera, ul. Sumy, 124.
The art party at Artera consists of 2 parts: the first is a boring lecture on the outstanding artist Van Gogh, and the second is a master class on writing his paintings under a glass of French wine.

Jazz evening. Karitza trio.

January 25, 20:00, Fabrika.bar, ul. Blagoveshchensk, 1.
The program of the evening includes only world-famous compositions with arrangements specially written for this concert! Cost - table reservation.

Opera "Figaro's Wedding".

January 26, 18:30, KHNATOB / EAST OPERA, ul. Sumy, 25.
Mozart, the first in the history of musical theater, was lucky to vividly and versely reveal living characters in action. Their relationship, clash identified many features of the musical drama "The Wedding of Figaro", added flexibility and diversity to opera forms. Not without reason from the very premiere of the opera “The Wedding of Figaro” became the favorite of the public. Cost - specify.