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How to rent your car and get maximum profit with minimal risk

One of the promising types of investment that is gaining popularity today is the rental of cars. However, few people understand how it is necessary to act in this case, and how to rent a car. Dealing with this is not so difficult.

Quite often there is a situation in which there is a car, but they do not use it regularly for various reasons. At the same time, the owner needs to make certain investments without receiving any compensation. As a rule, this is the need to pay for garage or parking storage, insurance and so on. And today there is a solution that will minimize costs, and even begin to earn income. To do this, you just need to rent a car. Its main advantage is a stable passive income. There is no need to sell a car. So, if you need it again, you can easily get it back. This solution is gaining popularity, and many car owners have already managed to evaluate its feasibility. It remains only to solve the question - how to profitably rent a car.

Renting a car rental is a great source of income because the minimum amount starts from 5000 UAH. Wherein:

  • the car remains the property of the owner;
  • stable passive income is guaranteed;
  • Possible losses are covered by insurance.

income from renting a car

At the same time, you need to understand that many unscrupulous companies promise too tempting offers, but turn out to be scammers. Therefore, it is important to assess risks in advance, and carefully study the legal side of the issue. The key to success is proper insurance and a correctly drawn up contract. If you do not monitor the implementation of these conditions, then you can lose the car.

When deciding where to rent a car, it is worth remembering that it must comply with several conditions, such as age not older than 3-5 years, good condition, absence of external damage and problems with the law.

Perhaps one of the main issues that concern car owners is what will happen to the car if during the rental it gets into an accident because the human factor has not been canceled. In cooperation with a reliable rental service, you don’t have to worry about this. The company, which is an intermediary between the owner of the car and the client, has drawn up an agreement that states the responsibility of the parties.

A client who rents a car signs a contract and also leaves a cash deposit. If the car has defects before the rental, they are carefully recorded. If new damages arise, they are compensated from the deposit. If the car has CASCO insurance, then the insurance company is responsible for damages.

Risk protection

In order to earn a car rental, it is necessary to carefully study the conditions of cooperation and the reputation of the intermediary company. It is highly discouraged to work directly with tenants, as in this case the responsibility lies entirely with the owner. No one can guarantee compensation for malfunctions committed through the fault of the driver. And there is also a danger that the car will be used in any criminal scheme

In turn, the BLS company is precisely the option of delivery that can satisfy even the most demanding customer. The company's specialists recommend to their customers to adhere to a number of rules that will make the process of car delivery simple and enjoyable, and, most importantly, safe:

  • The conclusion of the contract. In cooperation with the company, an agreement is signed, which is carefully drawn up taking into account the responsibility of the parties. It spells out all conditions of cooperation, as well as all kinds of risks and insurance compensation;
  • CASCO clearance. Quality insurance is the main guarantee of compensation in the event of force majeure;
  • Working condition. Before renting, it is necessary to check the car, as well as bring it in line with the requirements and standards of not only safe but also comfortable driving;
  • Make a list of requirements for tenants. Those customers who decide to rent a car to BLS can be sure that the company's specialists check each tenant. Therefore, the availability of all necessary documents, such as a driver’s license, is guaranteed.

The responsible party renting a car gives a receipt that contains all the contact information and also describes all the important details of cooperation.

How is car rental issued?

After a client contacts BLS for cooperation and renting a car, the following occurs:

  • The lessee applies to the company with a specific request, and a car is selected according to the requirements;
  • If all conditions of cooperation suit both parties, a security deposit is paid.

At the same time, renting your car with an intermediary can save a lot of time and effort without worrying about the details. All additional questions will be decided by BLS specialists.

Deciding to rent your car, you must adhere to a simple plan of action:

  • coordinate a meeting with company employees during which all necessary details can be discussed;
  • provide the necessary documents for the procedure for checking cars;
  • based on the information received, conclude an agreement on the rental of a car;
  • get paid.

Of course, today there are many options where you can rent a car. However, all those who choose a deal without risk, it is recommended to contact the trusted intermediaries. Moreover, they usually have an extensive database of potential customers. Independent search usually takes a lot of time, and may not bring any results.

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BLS Benefits

All those who choose BLS for cooperation receive:

  • vast experience that has been formed over more than 10 years of work in the market;
  • excellent reputation, which is confirmed by the reviews of many customers;
  • the presence of offices in all major cities of Ukraine;
  • perfect statistics, and not a single hijacking in the entire history of existence.

To start earning, you just need to fill out a form on the site in which to provide contact information and describe the car. After that, the company's specialists will contact you and tell you about further actions. On the site, you can find all the necessary information on the terms of cooperation and available services. It is noteworthy that the company is constantly improving, and is working to improve the conditions for its customers.

Also, all questions of interest can be ordered via chat or by contacting consultants in any other convenient way.

We can confidently say that today BLS has managed to bring such a service as renting a car as a source of constant income to a whole new level.

And anyone can easily be convinced of this.

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