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How to protect your car from theft

Every driver thinks about how to protect the car from theft. There are many ways to protect a passenger vehicle. Several factors are taken into account when selecting suitable anti-theft agents. The primary condition is that protection against car theft must be comprehensive. This ensures that the car will not be broken into and stolen. What means of hijacking will be discussed in detail in this article?

Electronic anti-theft systems

Electronic protection of cars from theft is considered one of the modern methods. This category includes several tools that protect the machine from hacking. The primary anti-theft electronic means are as follows:

  • Alarm. The system is sound and light. Modern means that can reliably protect a car are alarms with an alert on the key fob or the owner’s smartphone. The device is capable of blocking the engine. But if a burglary does occur, the hijacker will quickly turn off the control unit in the cabin and turn it off using a unique pulse signal. Having such a jammer, the hijacker does not even need to look for the control unit. Some protection models are digital. They are more reliable than analog anti-theft devices.
  • Immobilizer. This type of electronic protection will not allow you to steal a car alone. But the owner will not receive alerts in case of hack attempts by a hijacker. This is a digital lock that requires authorization when starting the car. For this, a magnetic key for the ignition lock can be used by pressing the standard buttons. There are options for using radio tags, a smartphone's wireless communication channel, and more.
  • Satellite anti-theft. The device sends an alert to the operator, not the machine's owner. Therefore, you need to pay for the service with a set frequency. With built-in car engine blocking, this protection method will be effective.

-theft devices with an immobilizer function and a built-in GPS sensor can provide high protection. This is a comprehensive system that provides reliable protection for the car. In addition, the GPS tracker will show the vehicle's location, even if the burglar manages to pick up the car.

Mechanical anti-theft

Electronic security measures will be less effective if mechanical anti-theft devices are. This is because they cannot be hacked with special signal blockers. In this case, attackers can only steal a car after hacking a mechanical device. The easiest way is to use twists or folds. They allow you to pick the lock with a tool that turns by hand.

The more complex the mechanical anti-theft, the more time an attacker will spend breaking it. How much he will mess with protection depends on its location and design. In some cases, an attacker will need special tools, for example, a grinder, bolt cutter, hydraulic shears, and more. In this case, the chances of stealing a car are much less.

Hood lock

The lock on the hood can effectively protect the vehicle from breaking and stealing. These vehicle protection means can be combined with electronic beacons and immobilizers. Sometimes this method is used as a separate method of protection.

The lock will provide good protection in the event of a digital lock, which is located under the hood. This will prevent access to the electronic security under the hood. However, such a scheme will not allow you to turn off the car control unit from the passenger compartment. The attacker will have to break the lock on the hood.

The lock can be controlled by the same device that locks the motor. So until the owner authorizes it, the hood will be locked. The design of the lock is universal, but additional reinforcements can be used. But you can also order a lock for a specific vehicle model.

Steering lock

Installing a steering lock is usually decided by the owners of inexpensive cars. The degree of protection against theft depends on the quality of the construction. Expensive locks can protect the car from theft. But it should be borne in mind that only one such lock will not protect an expensive car from theft.

Of course, a high-quality mechanism will make you spend more time hacking it. But often, hijackers do not stop it. For example, many cars are stolen with a steering wheel lock every year because the owner forgot or was too lazy to install a protective mechanism. And there are indeed many such cases.

Steering lock

Gearbox lock

Installing a lock on the gearbox will be an effective means of protection, provided the digital lock is under the hood. It will block gear shifting in the cabin. But such a lock for a professional will be easy. It will be enough for him to disassemble the console and turn on the gear with the drive even though the gear stick will remain in the "Park" position.

But if the hood is open on new cars, it is easy to select the desired gear. Therefore, a lock must also be placed on the hood.

Door locks

The door lock is made in the form of pins that will effectively protect the vehicle from breaking. This is usually part of an integrated security system installed on expensive cars.

It should be borne in mind that in addition to installing a pin lock, you need to make special protection for the glasses. They are covered with anti-shock film.

Wheel and pedal lock

This blocking method is rarely used. The fact is that when using this anti-theft device, high pressure is created in the brake system. This is a somewhat risky process, which often leads to the failure of the braking system.

You can block the pedals, but in this case, there is also a risk of emergencies. Therefore, this method is practically not used.

Hidden lock button

This is a special button that breaks the engine start supply chain. She is hidden from view. For example, you can put the wires of the electronic control unit or the fuel pump circuit on the button. To start the engine, you need to press the button or attach an electronic key to a particular device and enter the password. Otherwise, the engine will not start, and the attacker will have to spend a lot of time looking for the blocker.

GPS trackers and beacons

This protection method allows you to find the car in case of theft. Usually, after a break-in, the attackers leave the stolen vehicle at an intermediate transshipment point. Usually, this is some garage located near the crime scene. If the hijackers do not use jammers, finding the car's location will be easy.

The tracker with a GPS sensor is always on, and the beacon sends a signal at regular intervals. The first method requires connecting the device to a battery. Beacons have a built-in autonomous power supply, remaining invisible. As a result, they only require battery replacement for a few years.

Comprehensive protection

To reliably protect your car from theft, you need comprehensive protection, which includes several electronic and mechanical means. A popular strategy is to install the following protective components:

  • beacons or trackers ;
  • mechanical locks;
  • immobilizer;
  • armored film for glasses;
  • engraving on headlights, mirrors, and other details of the VIN.

An attacker may not be able to detect some of its components. This dramatically increases the chances that the car will still not be stolen.

Some models of machines are marked with an auto number, which is visible only when using special equipment. By checking it, you can find the registered owner.

Casco with the risk of "hijacking."

This method of protection will not protect against theft but will allow you to return the money for the vehicle. The price of an insurance policy depends on the car model, anti-theft system, and several other factors.

You must strictly comply with the contract's requirements to receive insurance payments. Therefore, you can only do this with an experienced lawyer who will explain all the nuances.

Key storage

Car thieves can duplicate keys before selling them or steal them and duplicate them. When selling, hijackers may ask the owner to show both keys. At the same time, one of them gradually changes to a dummy.

It is essential to keep track of the keys to the car, not lose them, do not leave them unattended. If the key is lost and found, it is better to change the locks.

Where is the best place to park, and what places to avoid

The choice of a parking place must be taken responsibly. The garage is considered the best place, but there are certain risks here. For example, it is terrible if the garage cooperative has no lighting or security. If an attacker gets inside the garage, he will steal the car without any problems.

Most cars are stolen from the parking near the house. Experienced intruders are kept even by surveillance cameras, automatic barriers, and gates. Also, a lot of theft occurs in parking lots near shopping centers.

It is better to leave the car in a guarded parking lot. Professional security equipment is used here.

Alternative methods of protection

A complex of standard and non-standard methods will help protect the car from theft. For example, cars with unique airbrushing practically do not steal. You can also remove the lock cylinder, install a fake alarm, or use other original methods.

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