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Chernivtsi - interesting places of Ukraine

... And now you are driving quite ordinary Ukrainian roads, you have traveled the beautiful Podolsk Tovtry, you have crossed the Dniester, there’s just about to be a border with Romania ... But no, instead of crossing the border to which there are only a few tens of kilometers, you turn into a city that at first glance is difficult to distinguish from any central European resort. But this is not Karlovy Vary and not Krakow. Congratulations: you entered Chernivtsi. And we strongly recommend holding a weekend here: there is something to admire!

The distance between Kyiv and Chernivtsi is not so huge - some 525 kilometers and an experienced driver in a good car (we recommend renting an SUV - this is the best choice for such an area) will overcome it in 5-6 hours. Here is a detailed route. By the way, your path will go through Medzhibozh - we recommend you drop into this town and look at the ancient castle, it will not leave you indifferent.

But back to the Chernivtsi themselves: why are they so good? Firstly, by the atmosphere: it is a very beautiful ancient (XII century!) City, in which a lot of the best from different cultures was mixed: Ukrainian, Jewish, Russian, Romanian and many others. Secondly, architecture: it is easy to imagine that you are somewhere in Hungary or the Czech Republic. In the center of Chernivtsi, every house breathes the history of Fin de Siecle, the turn of the 19th-20th centuries. Thirdly, despite its emphasized historicity, Chernivtsi is a modern tourist city, here you can have a tasty lunch and relax in a very decent hotel. The best points on Tripadvisor are the restaurants Gopachok, Di Bocca and Vienna Coffee House, hotels: Rivoli Hotel and AllureInn.

A few words about the sights. Chernivtsi is one of the cities of Ukraine, which is rightly considered a pearl of architecture. Registered in the historical part of the capital of Bukovina are 602 architectural monuments, 25 of which are of national importance. For example, Chernivtsi University is considered one of the most beautiful in Ukraine. Excursions for everyone here are held every hour.

Arrange a walking tour of the main squares of the city - Central, Philharmonic, Theater, Cathedral, Blessed Mary. Along the way, you will see the most interesting places in Chernivtsi - the ship house (Shifa), twin houses, the drama theater, monuments to Olga Kobylyanskaya and Franz Joseph I, the Cradle of the World, the Turkish Well and much more.

The ancient Armenian church, the unusual Nicholas Cathedral and the central street of Olga Kobylyanskaya will complement your impressions of the city.