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Can the car rental period be extended?

In a car rental agreement, the driver usually indicates a specific period for which he needs a car. But it is impossible to foresee the circumstances that may arise in the future. What to do if it is necessary to extend the car rental, does the renter have such a right? A rental company that works professionally, responsibly, taking care of its customers, usually offers an extension of the lease agreement, the only condition is a timely renewal application. The client must inform in advance about his intention to renew the rental agreement, otherwise, he will violate the terms of the contract and will receive a large amount of the rental fee as a punishment.

How to extend your car rental

To properly and legally renew the car rental agreement, the driver must fulfill several conditions.

  • You should contact your rental company before the expiration of the agreement. The company's employees will reissue documents for a new term required by the client. In the future, you can comfortably use the machine for solving household or personal issues.
  • You can contact the rental manager and inform him of your intention to renew the contract on the day it expires. But in this case, the rent may have a higher price. It is recommended, if possible, to extend the rental in advance. Often, to change the terms of the agreement, it is enough to call the rental company or write an email.

Serious attitude to the obligations, sealed by the contract, will allow not only to maintain the image of a responsible, reliable client. It is also an opportunity to save your money in the event of an extension.

You can extend the rental for several days or a longer period. It is only important to follow the rules in force in the company, the terms of the lease.

When is the best time to apply to extend the rental period?

You can issue a vehicle rental extension throughout the lease term. This opportunity is provided by most rental companies. Also, the client, in most cases, can continue to drive the same car if it suits him in terms of technical parameters, roominess and other characteristics.

But it is recommended to inquire in advance about the conditions of such a service from a particular landlord. Especially if you have a tourist tour, if you need a car for a long trip. Before agreeing, you should ask your rental manager a question, find out the terms of the renewal, what actions should be taken in this case.

Renewing the lease for an additional period may result in higher service fees. This will happen when the company decides to increase its tariffs.

When is it impossible to renew the lease?

  • The car may already be selected by another client for rent. In this case, you need to change the vehicle by choosing from the proposed options.
  • The rental agent may have off hours, which will prevent the renewal of the contract. In this case, the car should be returned to the company and a new contract should be drawn up on the spot with another manager.