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Rent Audi A5 at a discount!

And we have Friday again, which means it's time for impressive discounts again. And today, this is not just a definition for the red words - you must agree, the discount on such a VIP-class car as the Audi A5, which amounts to as much as $ 79 per day, is "unprincipled"!

Book a rental now for only $ 100 / day!

Experts call this model a "car for the driver", hinting at impressive features for lovers of comfort and fast, fiery driving. But it is perfect for family needs, especially when you consider the fact of not buying, namely renting.

In addition, the fuel consumption in it is not so high as for a car of this class - some 7 liters per 100 kilometers.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the test drive of this incredible car.

This action is not the first of a series of similar ones. Follow the discounts on the website and on the social networks of BLS Car Rental - next Friday we will offer you another car, but the discount will remain as attractive!