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Give your car to rent and earn!

Giving your car for rent is permanent income within the transparent working model and minimal risks

Your vehicle can make profit

Profit distribution: 70/30 — owner/car rental company
USD 6 000
Income: from USD 400 up to USD 6 000
*depends on vehicle class
Payments: monthly or
on request
You are always informed about
the vehicle status
GPS trackers + mobile app
I want permanent income

Comparison with alternative investments types

Monthly profit from the economy class vehicle is the same or even higher than apartment rent out

Equal % of profit in every currency

Risks are lower than bank deposits, securities or investments into construction

More profitable and more secure than bank deposit

Monthly payments or by request with the same level of profit

Cooperation requirements

Technically accepted
Legally clear
Not older than 3 years old vehicle

Vehicle owner's income

Approximate amount for month


from USD 400 - USD 700


from USD 500 - USD 1 000


from USD 900 - USD 1 500


from USD 1 500 - USD 6 000

Mini Vans

from USD 900 - USD 1 500


from USD 1 200 - USD 3 000

from USD 1 200 - USD 2 000


from USD 500 - USD 1 000


from USD 5 000 - USD 15 000

How it works

Office meet Vehicle examination Contract execution Rent Payments

Traffic Accident — Owner always gets compensation in terms of insured amount

Theft — all vehicle are equipped with GPS trackers

Who will drive your car — All lessees are strictly verified by our security department

Why to choose BLS?

More than 10 years on the market
№1 in Ukraine
No any theft for the whole BLS history
Locations in biggest ukrainian cities
I want permanent income
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