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Car rental in Montenegro

When you go on a trip, do not forget to take your driver's license with you. You can comfortably explore local sights in a rental car. Renting a car in Montenegro will allow you to see the picturesque places better, visit remote settlements and see the national flavor. The country's mild climate makes it possible to travel around it all year round, and the car will become a reliable assistant in exploring the region. BLS recommends using Discover Cars to rent a car in Montenegro. This is a proven and reliable partner in car rental of any class.

Car rental in Montenegro

How much does it cost to rent a car in Montenegro?

A trip around Montenegro is not very expensive, and you can admire the views from anywhere in the country. There are mountains covered with dense forests, endless sky, blue sea, graceful buildings, and small towns where you will be welcomed and treated to national dishes. By car, you can fully explore the friendly region in a couple of days, visit parks, and visit healing springs.

The cost of renting a car for several people will be cheaper. Often the price of a car for rent depends on its color and configuration (child seat, Wi-Fi). Bright colors (red, yellow) are in great demand, as they can be seen from afar and are difficult to get lost.

The price for a car rental day depends on the tourist season, the chosen direction, the model of the car, and the number of seats. In addition, offers to vary in cost depending on the rental location. Company recommendation: use trusted car rental points.

You will also need to pay a security deposit, which will cover the insurance in the event of an accident. The deposit is returned within a week after the end of the car rental period.

Most popular car rental cities in Montenegro

On the spot, it can be challenging to figure out which rental company to rent a car from and how prices correspond to market ones. Car rental in Budva has a lot of positive reviews. Offices of low-cost companies are usually located not in the city center. You can find them on the recommendations, many exciting offers can be seen on our website.

You can also rent a car inexpensively in Becici, Kotor, and Podgorica.

Car rental at Tivat airport

It will be more profitable to book a car in advance. This can be done through the Internet, through international or local companies. Booking will allow you to save money and get a suitable model on time. The car will be delivered to any place in the country.

It is convenient to take a car right at Tivat airport. Immediately upon arrival, the tourist has the opportunity to rent a car or use a previously booked transport. Please note that an additional fee may be charged for the delivery of the car to the airport.

Demand for car rental in Montenegro

Any brand represents car rental in Montenegro. Often, the price of new models can be lower than older cars due to the increased demand for such brands. Customers often order cars with the usual configuration, easy to drive. Therefore, it is necessary to review the entire catalog of the proposed transport. Chances are great to find a practical machine in an exemplary assembly at a reasonable price. Big or small, gasoline or diesel - the customer chooses.

What documents are needed to rent a car

To register a car, the traveler will require a driver's license with a driving experience of at least two years. Any valid license will do, where the words are typed in Latin. The age of the driver must be at least 22 years old (other cases are considered individually by the company's management).

To travel outside Montenegro, the owner must have a note on the documents about such permission. Although this will simplify sightseeing, you can go to the nearest Serbia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. To leave, you will need a green card - international car insurance.

When booking with international companies, conditions may change. You will need confirmation of creditworthiness (the presence of a bank card with a specific amount), a passport, driving experience of more than 1-3 years, and age over 20-25 years.

Types of car rental insurance

Rented vehicles, like your own, can get into an accident. Unfortunately, a large percentage of accidents are collisions. This is due to ignorance of roads, terrain, rules, and management complexity. The compulsory insurance accompanies car rental in Montenegro. The contract spelled out all conditions and included the most common cases. According to statistics, 90% of accidents are incorrect parking and scratches when turning out.

You can also purchase extended insurance with additional services. For example, if you do not have a credit card, you may be charged a policy of 20 euros per day or the maximum security deposit.

The following types of insurance are available in Montenegro:

  • OSAGO. The most popular type of third-party insurance contract. Provides for the preparation of a police protocol in case of violations. Most landlords offer this option immediately, complete with a car.
  • CASCO + OSAGO. Here you will need to leave a security deposit of 100-300 euros (more may be required). The deposit covers all expenses related to driving (scratches, incorrect parking, etc.).
  • SuperCASCO. Fully protects the driver in any accident (even those committed through his fault).

Parking: paid and free parking spaces

What pleases absolutely all tourists is that parking in Montenegro is free. There are also paid ones, but they are few. Parking is allowed simply on the side of the road, on the street, square, and wherever the car does not interfere with the passage, and traffic rules are not violated.

Paid parking appears in the center, in the resort towns. Prices for them vary between 0.5-2 euros per hour. Payment is made by phone and SMS or parking meter. If the parking time has increased, then you need to return and pay extra.

Traffic rules and fines for violations in Montenegro

There are no noticeable differences in driving rules in the country, but there are nuances. It is recommended that all tourists strictly adhere to the rules (even if residents violate them). Towing services are expensive.

Local regulations require low beam headlights to be on at all times, regardless of the time of day or visibility. Drinking while driving is forbidden, and the city's speed does not exceed 50 km / h. If a child is sitting in the car, he needs a car seat (in the front seat for up to 12 years, in the back up to 5).

On a note: the traffic police work perfectly and constantly stops offenders.

There are no problems with gas stations in the country, sometimes they don’t fill up somewhere, or they can cheat.

Ordinary insurance does not cover dents and scratches and is paid locally and separately. Therefore, in the event of an accident, you first need to call the distributor, who will quickly resolve all issues.

Paid and free tracks

The quality of the roadway in the country is excellent. All drivers note this. Everywhere there is a straightforward, understandable markup. But for repair and maintenance on some highways, a fee is charged. So, you will need to pay for the passage through the Sozina tunnel and the ferry in the bay. Most roads are accessible.

Car return rules in Montenegro

When renting a car, the tourist signs an agreement that specifies the conditions for the return of the vehicle and its condition. In addition, the place (city, office) and exact time are indicated. A delay of even half an hour can cost an additional fee.

Employees of the company make a full inspection of transport. If new damages are found that are not indicated in the documents, the owner can request monetary compensation (20-150 euros for fresh scratches, a bent disc, etc.). Compensation will be deducted from the security deposit if the damage is more significant.

You should return the car on time, as the following people can rent it, or warn.

Features of car rental in Montenegro

You can rent any car. It is worth focusing on the familiar model, which will be comfortable driving. Many are interested in what is more profitable to drive - gasoline or diesel. The difference will be slight.

Tourists demand cars aged 3-5 years with low mileage, good grip, and a powerful engine, which is very useful on mountain roads. Toyota and Mini are suitable for the coast Cooper, Polo, and Mazda. Audi, Passat, Mercedes, and SUVs perform well in the highlands.

For long-distance travel, you should choose a practical car with a minimum of buttons inside and a discreet design.

Where you can go by car: popular routes

Montenegro offers many destinations where you can go. The most popular is the route from the airport to Zabljaki through Budva. Scenic views and Dzhurdzhevich's suspension bridge will leave vivid impressions.

Every traveler dreams of visiting the mountains. You can get and drive along the pass-through Durmitor. A stunning view opens near the Ostrog Monastery, but the route requires special care.

Renting a car in Montenegro will allow you to comfortably travel around the country and look into the most amazing places. This is an excellent idea for a family holiday with children or a large company. If you find fellow travelers, then the rental will be cheaper.

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