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Car rental in Dubai

Dubai, the UAE's capital, deservedly enjoys a reputation as one of the most amazing cities in the world. It is challenging to name another city in which high technologies would intertwine with age-old national traditions so closely. Skyscrapers and a giant aquarium built in the middle of the endless desert, an incredible oriental bazaar, and palm islands attract tourists worldwide. Car rental in Dubai can provide comfortable movement in a hot climate, and renting a car can be very profitable. You can book a car of any class and level of comfort at a low cost - from executive limousines to economy, but only if you contact a reliable rental company. The international company Discover enjoys an excellent reputation among tourists from different countries. Cars, fill out the order form for car rental, which you can see here.

Discover Partner BLS Cars recommend the rental service as a reliable provider of quality services. In addition, discover Cars offers favorable prices and conditions for car rental, especially compared to Dubai operators.

Car rental in Dubai

Conditions and documents for car rental

Renting a car in Dubai is available to drivers over 21 years old with at least 12 months of driving experience. To make a rental, you will need the following:

  • international passport;
  • international driver's license;
  • national driver's license;
  • international credit card.

When booking online, a printout of the voucher is also required.

Traffic rules and fines in the Emirates

Dubai is a well-organized city with well-maintained roads, so driving is easy. The police strictly monitor compliance with traffic rules. It is not recommended to violate them.

The speed limits are as follows:

  • 40 km/h on the streets;
  • 60-80 - on the roads;
  • 100-120 - on highways.

The speed regime is regulated mainly by road signs, and driving slowly and exceeding the speed limit are equally punishable.

For exceeding the speed limit of up to 10 km/h, you will have to pay about $109, and if you exceed the speed limit of up to 60 km/h, the fine is up to $408 with confiscation of the car. If the speed is exceeded by more than 80 km / h, deprivation of rights is possible in addition to confiscation.

Slow driving is punishable by a fine of up to $109.

A penalty of up to $109 will have to be paid:

  • in the absence of seat belts;
  • driving without headlights on at night or in fog;
  • in the absence of a child seat;
  • if the distance is not respected.

Up to $136 will cost:

  • violation of traffic rules on a roundabout;
  • refusal to let a pedestrian;
  • ignoring road signs;
  • leaving children or pets in the car.

Up to $272 will cost:

  • using a mobile phone, smoking or wearing make-up while driving, consuming drinks and food;
  • throwing garbage out of windows;
  • stop without good reason on the track;
  • driving on a red signal;
  • ignoring ambulances, fire trucks, and special purpose vehicles.

You will have to pay approximately $ 545 for racing on the roads, and for driving under drugs or while intoxicated, your car will be subject to confiscation, deprivation of your license, or arrest.

Features of toll roads

In Dubai, the toll road system is called Salik. Travelers looking to rent a car in Dubai need not worry as there is nothing to do to use the roads. The automated system deducts the fare when the car hits the frame. The tenant pays the fare - the total amount is deducted from the deposit. If there is no desire to travel on toll roads, it is enough to specify the appropriate option in the navigator settings.

How to refuel in Dubai

The cost of fuel in the UAE is affordable. There are many gas stations. Drivers don't have to get out of their cars because the tankers have portable terminals. The gasoline brand and the fuel amount can be voiced in English.

Where to park in Dubai

Parking in the capital of the United Arab Emirates is private and municipal. Most parking lots are paid, but there are also free parking lots.

You can park your car for free:

  • in city parking lots 24 hours a day on holidays and Fridays, as well as at night;
  • for the period of stay in shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc.;
  • in areas where there are no ATMs yet.

The cost of parking in paid parking lots depends on the location, type of parking, and length of stay.

Rental car insurance, deposit, and deductible

Large brokers offer standard insurance, which is included in the rental price. A popular option is CDW auto insurance with a deductible, in which the renter loses only the deductible amount, and the insurer pays the rest. In an accident due to someone else's fault, the driver does not pay anything only if the accident is officially registered.

The car deposit is a deposit blocked on the card. In most cases, the amount of the deposit and the deductible are the same.

What to consider when choosing a car for rental

Critical criteria when choosing a car for rental in Dubai are:

  • Fuel policy of the rental operator. The best option is to take and return the car with a full tank.
  • There are mileage restrictions. Choosing an option in which the mileage is not limited is better.
  • Age. Car rental for drivers under 25 and over 65 have a higher price.
  • The presence of a second driver. If not only the tenant will drive the car, it is necessary to enter the drivers when signing the contract.
  • Availability of additional insurance packages (optional and mandatory).

You should also consider the number and age of passengers, the trip's itinerary, the presence of small children and animals, the desired comfort level, and other factors.

Benefits of renting a car in Dubai

It is better to rent a car for a holiday in Dubai because having a vehicle will allow you to get to know the unique city in the desert better and enjoy driving on magnificent roads. In addition, the car will be delivered to the international airport or any other desired location if booked in advance.

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