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Car rental in Crete

Crete is filled with wonders, and listing everything worth seeing here isn't easy. Car rental Crete is the most popular and comfortable way to explore the island and even a separate travel philosophy. Thanks to the offers of car rental companies, everyone can rent an elegant sports car, a standard economy car, or a minivan for a large company. A convenient search form makes it possible to find transport for rent at the lowest price. We recommend Discover car rental company Cars as a reliable partner.

Car rental in Crete - the opportunity to see more on the road

How to rent a car in Crete

In Greece, car rental has nuances, although it does not present significant difficulties. There are several ways to rent a car in Crete. One of the easiest is to rent on arrival at the place: at the airport, hotel, or through a guide. This method has the main advantage - seeing the transport with your own eyes. But there are also disadvantages:

  1. Plus the cost of the rent. Most often, this is because the cost of renting an office and wages are added to the rental price. When renting at a hotel or through a guide, the interests of additional intermediaries will be added to the cost.
  2. Difficulty in orientation. Even after visiting different companies, navigating without knowing the area is difficult. Each service has its conditions: somewhere, there is no full insurance, customer support, etc., and because of this, the prices for the same car are different.
  3. Lack of time to study the contract. Because of the rush, you can miss important details, as there is no time to read reviews.

Airport rental

If you still decide to rent a car in Crete, you can do it at Heraklion airport, which is the largest and most popular on the island. The airport is located 5 km from the center of Heraklion and serves cities and regions in the northwest and northeast of Crete.

The airport operates around the clock. There is everything for tourists and travelers: waiting rooms, catering places, a first-aid post, an information department, free Wi-Fi points, gadget charging points, toilets and rooms for mothers with children, ATMs, currency exchange points, luggage storage baggage. For those who want to rent a car in Crete, there are more than 20 rental agencies. From Heraklion to stunningly beautiful beaches, ancient sights, and picturesque places, you can be reached by rented car in 30-60 minutes.

Quick car search in Crete

The fastest and safest way to rent a car is to pre-book it via the Internet. This method has several advantages:

  • better price for early booking;
  • the best assortment;
  • having time to carefully study the company's contract, insurance, and reviews, as well as to compare prices and carefully select;
  • A car booked via the Internet is delivered to the airport, hotel, or any other convenient place by agreement.

The only negative is that there is no way to assess the vehicle's condition. But proven and reliable companies that care about their reputation will not allow themselves to hand cars to customers in poor condition or improper condition.

When choosing a car, it is worth considering several factors:

  1. The roads in Crete are in good condition, but there are many ups and downs and sharp turns. With such inputs, it is better to choose a model with a manual gearbox. But with long driving experience and automatic transmission, there should be no problems.
  2. Summer on the island is hot, so that the air conditioning system will be a nice bonus.
  3. The high season is from mid-June to mid-September. If you plan to travel this year, booking a car in advance is best. From October to April, there are practically no tourists in Crete, prices are reduced, and there are enough free cars.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Crete: approximate prices

You can rent a car relatively inexpensively. The cost of renting a car in Crete depends on the conditions of each rental company, the rental period, and the class of the car. The average price is 20€ for a small car like the Hyundai i10. However, it is more profitable for a large family or a company to rent minivans like Fiat Doblo. Their average cost is 60 € per day.

What documents are required for rent

To rent a car in Greece on Crete, you must have the following:

  • international passport;
  • rights (plastic VU with data in Latin or an international document in the form of a book );
  • payment card or cash.

Car insurance

Another prerequisite is insurance. Understanding what risks the policy covers for the agreed price is essential. Many Greek insurance companies claim that they cover 100% of any damage. But it is reckless to believe such statements, there may be nuances. For example, in the contracts of most companies, you can find such a thing as "negligence". This definition includes violation of traffic rules, parking in the wrong place, driving on a dirt road, etc. If the car is damaged due to negligence (for example, an accident when turning through a continuous one), you will have to compensate for the losses yourself.

Such a nuance may not be the only one, so you need to study the contract carefully, ask questions of interest, and find out the type of insurance. Most often, local companies include OSAGO, CASCO, or Super CASCO insurance in the rental price.

Franchise in insurance

The franchise determines the maximum liability of the client. For example, suppose in the event of an accident or damage to the machine, the damage is estimated at an amount equal to or less than the deductible. In that case, the lessee must reimburse the damages for the specified amount. In case of damage for an amount greater than the deductible, the tenant will pay an amount equal to it. For example, if a deductible of 400 € is included in the insurance, and the damage is 1000 €, the tenant will pay 400 € of his funds, and the policy will cover the rest. On the other hand, if the damage is 200 €, which is less than the deductible, the entire amount will be reimbursed by the person who rented the car.

If the insurance service does not provide for a deductible, the amount of damage is fully covered by insurance (but only if the tenant did not violate traffic rules). If the insurance provides for a deductible, in the event of an insured event, the tenant must pay the costs within the declared limits. More often, this option costs the traveler less than full insurance.

Requirements for drivers

To rent a car in Greece on Crete, you must meet several requirements: the driver should be at least 21 years old and have driving experience of at least a year. The driving experience is a conditional concept, the main thing is that at least a year has passed since the document issuance.

Some agencies have individual rules: an inflated minimum age or an upper limit.

Travel Tips

For a comfortable stay and active pastime, guests of Greece and Crete will need knowledge about the internal "kitchen".

Parking lots and gas stations

In the big cities of the island - Chania, Heraklion, or Rethymnon - you will have to pay for parking. The average cost is 0.5-1 € per hour. In well-known and popular small towns and villages, parking is also paid, but you can find a free alternative by roaming around the place.

Gas stations are open until 7 pm, but each prefecture has one 24-hour station. Therefore, it is better to know about it in advance.

traffic rules and fines

When exploring the surroundings in a rental car, you need to be careful and not break the speed limit. The island's roads are narrow and sometimes winding, they have many obstacles in the form of fallen stony blocks, goats and sheep, and indigenous people. Law enforcement officers like to arrange "ambushes" and catch riders.

The best sights of Crete

Crete is considered to be the most popular tourist destination in Greece. We suggest taking the capital Heraklion as the starting point of the tourist tour. Here you can enjoy aromatic coffee in the historical part of the city on Lviv Square. Lovers of history and archeology should visit the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion and visit the Minotaur labyrinth at Knossos.

In the east of the island in Hersonissos, tourists are waiting for popular resorts famous for their stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife. Instead, fans of Cretan charm should visit the small coastal town of Agios Nikolaos, where you can stroll through the narrow streets, enjoy neoclassical buildings, see the picturesque Lake Voulismeni and taste local dishes.

Having rented a car in Crete, you should go west of the island in Rethymnon. Here is a well-preserved Renaissance town, the old Venetian harbor, Fortezza castle 16th century, and a lighthouse from the 17th century. The city's streets are filled with architectural monuments, secret passages, courtyards, and cozy mansions.

Water sports fans should visit the beach resort of Adelianos Kampos, which boasts a long sandy beach with pristine waters. In addition, this place is home to loggerhead sea turtles, which are on the verge of extinction.

In the west of Crete, tourists are waiting for the seaside city of Chania. However, the romantic atmosphere of the old town with its historical monuments, many restaurants with local delicacies, sandy beaches, and lagoons will not leave anyone indifferent.

The more you explore Crete, the more secrets you will find. A rented car from a reliable company will help with this.

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