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Where to go to the sea by car in Ukraine

The general desire to relax in the summer for a year ahead pushes Ukrainians to look for vouchers closer to the Black or Azov coasts because the sea is a source of health, beautiful sunburn, and a fun pastime. On the way, you can visit many new places, interesting sights, plan a route to your liking, based on the opinion of friends and family. So, where to go to the sea by car in Ukraine, we will tell you below.

What to take with you to the sea by car

Not all of us are hereditary truckers, so not everyone travels thousands of kilometers across the country by car. That is why the question of proper preparation for vacation is urgent. The best thing is to plan everything, make a list of necessary things and things so that there are no questions. Our advice is to discuss it with your friends, third parties, relatives, as it will be easier with a fresh mind to supplement it with the actual necessary things.

At the same time, the specification of the list will continue even during the period of collecting documents, clothes, and useful utensils in suitcases. After it, do not throw it away, as this is not your first trip. Believe me, you will enjoy driving on vacation as it is very convenient.

There are several issues to be addressed before departure:

  1. Prepare your car for a long trip to the sea. Be sure to go through MOT, add oil, pump up the tires, do not forget to check the spare tire.
  2. Think about where to sleep and where you will eat. If you are resting as a savage or in tents, then make a list of everything you need with you.
  3. Think over the route, foresee possible delays (for fees, meals, and other points). It would not hurt to study reviews on the network, convenient access to the sea, and interesting sights.
  4. Make the list we talked about above. There is no need to get ready at the last moment, otherwise, you will miss something. Before sending, check all documents for the car.
  5. If the trip is with a large company, it will not hurt to discuss the trip with the people again, who will take what with them, so that there are no questions about food, rest, stops. There must be no disagreements, otherwise, it will take a lot of time to argue and sort things out.

It will be advisable to sort out the first-aid kit not only in the car but also at home. You need to approach your equipment more carefully. In the car, there will be bandages, disinfectants, and for yourself, take remedies for food poisoning, seasickness, be sure to put the bags in the car, since anything can happen on the road.

Continuing the story of what to take with you during your car trip to the sea, you cannot ignore the supply of drinking water, as well as the points of its replenishment. It is very hot in the summer, but if you are going to relax in the wild, then consider this moment. Take with you a video recorder that captures unusual landscapes and events. This technique will help out in an accident, help defend your rights.

What to take with you to the sea by car

Where to go on the Black Sea

By itself, an imposing vacation at the sea can quickly get bored, which is why you need to go where there will be at least some entertainment near the beach. And during a trip by car to the sea, this is much easier to do. Often, clean beaches and scenic spots are located where public transport rarely drops in. That is why we will give a couple of tips on what places you can go with your children.

Koblevo in the Nikolaev region

This is the largest resort in Ukraine, which can accommodate up to 20 thousand people at a time. The beach is 7 km long, there is a winery, a pine forest. Be sure to sign up for a wine tasting and tour of the winery. There you can choose a bottle of real (not fake in stores) wine, see the production from the inside, learn the history of Koblevo. Go to the pine forest with the whole family - this is a great place to breathe clean air, which is so good for the respiratory tract. Getting to this good place will not be difficult. It is located 527.6 km from Kyiv.

Zatoka in the Odessa region

The warmest region on the Black Sea, which will welcome people at any time of the year. But the season here is from late May to mid-September. Clean beaches, a large number of water activities are waiting for you. If you have time and money, then you can devote a couple of days to windsurfing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, since a professional yacht club is open here. The distance from the capital to the resort is 527.1 km along the E95.

Zheleznyj port in the Kherson region

This place has the largest number of clean beaches since Zatoka and Koblevo are more visited by tourists. There are boarding houses, hotels for different budgets. If you come to the resort by car, then you don't have to stand in one place. Here are some glorious routes - the local Sahara, which has existed since the Ice Age.

There are over 160 thousand hectares of sand on the Oleshkovsky sands. Indescribable beauty. There will be signs that you will be advised to follow, so you won't get lost. Every 5-7 minutes there are oases under heaps of tree branches, benches. Don't forget to collect water at the place where you will buy the admission ticket before trekking on the sands. It's free. On the way back, just replenish your drinking supplies, as the water there is clean.

After the desert, for contrast, it would not hurt to visit the Askania-Nova reserve. But it is better to do it the next day, and on the Oleshkovsky sands, you will just pitch your tents. It is cold there at night (even in summer) - take sleeping bags. Head to the reserve early in the morning well-rested so that there are no crowds of queues at the entrance. There you can see different representatives of the fauna in their natural habitat. This is probably the only zootopia where you feel that you are not in a zoo, but in a place where animals have really looked after. Everything is clean, tidy, the animals are full, happy, cheerful, and some of them walk past tourists without being afraid of them. By the way, for all types of camping it is better to rent a minivan, as there will be a lot of things, but if there are 2 adults and 2 children, then the rest can be great in a sedan. Below we will give an indicative list of cars that are suitable for a vacation.

Black Sea resortsWhere to go to the Sea of Azov

The Sea of Azov is famous for its shallow sandy coast, warm water, and good climate. Doctors sometimes advise sending sick children to the Sea of Azov, as there is a lot of iodine in the water. The Black Sea is more suitable for babies who often have respiratory diseases. In addition to the shell beach on the Sea of Azov, there is something to visit, so read below.

Biryuchiy Island in the Kherson region

This rest can be combined with a trip to the Iron Port, you can just relax on 2 seas at once. So, Fedotova spit in this area gave our country a smaller copy of the Maldives with healing and completely transparent water and clean sand. This is a unique place since on each side of the island tourists will find their coast - somewhere it is best to fish, and there you will see racks of professional spinning rods, somewhere the sea is very deep with a fast current, in another place - a lot of shell rock. For the most part, this is a wild place where you can find a corner away from people. It is important to remember that there will be wind, so the tent needs to be strengthened, and if you are resting in a boarding house, do not forget to book a place in advance.

Near the Ukrainian Maldives, there is the Azov-Sivash National Park and Lake Sivash. But for all the beauty, of course, look for pictures further from the center. It is better to go on vacation by car, do not be lazy to explore the surroundings. From Kyiv to the island can be reached in 8 hours, spending 712 km on the way.

Genichesk in the Kherson region

Genicheskaya slide, and Genichesk himself, are must-see places for vacationers in their cars in the Kherson region. You can admire the pink lakes, which are so named because of the shade of the water, and you will remember swimming in them for a long time. Do not forget to visit the alley of fairy tales, the old lighthouse, the sources of the Arabat arrow. It will be a truly cultural event that will not make you bored. The city can be reached from Kyiv in 9 hours - 750 km.

Kirillovka in the Zaporozhye region

This is the most famous resort on the Azov Sea, which is distinguished by a developed service. There will be a water park nearby, where you can throw children or go with the whole family. White beaches, a gentle entrance to the sea, and many water activities await you. In this place there will be no industrial ports as in Mariupol, we can say that you will be in environmental safety for a while, which will allow you to heal your body. This resort is located just 750 km from Kyiv.

Berdyansk in the Zaporozhye region

In this area, it does not hurt to visit Berdyansk, which has its history and remote corners with wild nature. This place is a lure for divers and just having a rest by car with children. It is located 713 km from the capital. In the very center, there is a well-developed infrastructure, there are supermarkets, many cafes, and restaurants. Hotels can be found for any budget, the private sector is in demand.

On this, the options for a seaside holiday with a savage car do not end there. Resort policy has not yet been implemented in our country, so many places have been left behind the scenes. But Ukraine has its potential, so one can believe in the success of the development of domestic tourism.

rest on the Azov sea

The best cars for traveling at sea

Below is a list of cars that will allow you to quickly and comfortably get to the sea resorts of Ukraine. Here you will find economy models, executive cars, premium cars.

How can you get to the sea:

  • Hyundai Sonata, 2.4 L, sedan. Accommodates 5 people, there is air conditioning. The average fuel consumption is 11 liters per 100 km.
  • Mazda 6, 2.5 L, sedan. A maximum of 5 people can travel comfortably. It won't be hot on the road as the air conditioner is on. Fuel consumption is already less - 8.7 liters per hundred.
  • Honda Accord with 2.4L engine. The comfort indicators are the same as in previous cars, but the fuel consumption is 11.7 liters per 100 km.
  • Toyota Camry VX70 2,5l. The average fuel consumption is 9.5 liters per 100 km.
  • Mercedes-Benz S600 (W222) with 4.7l. You can also go to the sea in this car, the main thing is that the roads allow you to drive. Fuel consumption is 12.8 liters per 100 km.

More and more Ukrainians prefer independent trips to the sea with unplanned stops instead of all-inclusive service. If you like to wallow for hours on the beach, then you still shouldn't stay in one place for a long time. The vacation is not rubber, it is advisable to drop in many more places in Ukraine, so do not stay at the resorts for more than 2-3 days. Even if you don't have your car yet, it can be rented from BLS, which has standard city sedans, minivans, and off-road jeeps in its fleet. Additionally, you can equip the car with the Internet with a Wi-Fi connection point, navigator, car seats for children.

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