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Where to go by car during the quarantine period in Ukraine

The epidemic of the coronavirus COVID-19 mercilessly destroyed the plans of many compatriots to rest on May holidays, and even for the whole summer. Due to the cancellation of transport links, currency fluctuations, and the closure of borders with the EU, many have lost faith so that in the coming months they can rest as planned. But Ukraine is a large country. And there are many picturesque corners to visit. And this must be taken advantage of during the period of quarantine weakening.

We offer a unique list of facilities that can be reached by car. We offer places where you can go on a weekend without entering the room. Recall that squares, museums, and parks are already open for visiting Ukrainians from May 11.


The new beautiful arboretum is located near the capital along the Zhytomyr highway. It’s easy to get there by car. There are lots of locations for walking. All of them are divided into plant subjects. There is an alley of colorful tulips, a boxwood valley, lakes, a lavender lawn.


The park is wonderful, familiar to many residents of the capital. This is the former estate of the 4th President of Ukraine, which is located near Kyiv. Its alleys will be pleasant to walk in the spring and summer days. Beautiful landscaping, paved paths everywhere - a walk in this place will give you strength and help you relax. For many years, the museum of the presidential collection of antique cars has been working here. But whether we will be able to visit it during the quarantine period, we do not know.

Museum "Pirogovo"

You can spend useful time at the Pirogovo Museum, which is located near Kyiv. On an area of 150 hectares, more than 300 objects are represented, showing all corners of our country. Probably a day will not be enough to go here. But, in our opinion, every Ukrainian is obliged to visit here at least once.

The territory is huge. Do not forget to bring food. The cultural program is easy to combine with the gastronomic. Have a small picnic right on the grass. In Pirogovo it was previously possible to book an excursion and ride horses. A historical site is located on the site where before the Second World War the village of Pirovy was located. Today, it is almost the border of the capital, so the people of Kyiv will be able to come here by taxi or their transport.

Arboretum "Alexandria"

This landscape park of NAS of Ukraine was laid out 2 centuries ago on the banks of the Ros River. There are almost 400 hectares, so you will walk around the territory for a long time. It is believed that the "Alexandria" is arranged in a romantic style, but you can walk alleys there in any mood. You can see more than 2 thousand plants, including exotic species for Ukraine.

The landscape is represented by interesting architectural structures: arbors, bridges through ponds, colonnades. The arboretum has a convenient location for residents of different regions of the country, as the Kyiv-Odesa highway passes nearby. And she is in good condition in the spring of 2020.


If you want to touch history, nature and are looking for a platform for passive and active recreation, then you should go to relax on the island "Khortytsa" in Zaporizhzhia. This is an opportunity to visit our Cossack Sich, drive along with one of the most picturesque streets of Ukraine - Cathedral Avenue, look at the beauty of the Dnieper hydroelectric station.

There are many museums in this city, including the largest Phaeton Museum of Technology in the country. During quarantine weakening, they all work. Since the island is located within Zaporizhzhia, the infrastructure is established here, besides - for different tastes.

Shelter "Rock"

In the Zhytomyr region, there is an interesting place where you can go on a weekend. To get started, visit a small exhibition of military equipment. These are only 15 units of artillery and armored vehicles, which were used from the period of the 2nd World War to the end of the 20th century.

The second interesting object is the Skala shelter, which was used as a bunker for the command of the 5th Korosten fortified area. His locals are still called the "bunker of Stalin." Inside there is a military museum. It will not work to get into a stone dungeon due to quarantine.

At the end of the weekend, do not forget to visit the city park "Drevlyansky" (aka "Ostrovsky"). It is located on the rocky banks of the river Uzh. It’s clear that this is not the Sofiyivka or Alexandria arboretum, but it will be nice to walk along the alleys. All facilities are located in the city center. You can get to the object on the Warsaw highway.

Park Sofiyivka

The characteristic features of this place are a picturesque relief. Here rocks, beams, a river, and a canyon are harmoniously inscribed. The main motive for the design of the arboretum is the ancient culture, so it will be nice to visit everyone who has studied the history of ancient Greece at school. You can always book an excursion, since in addition to ancient mythology, Sofiyivka itself has a rich history of its own.

Uman on the map is located at the crossroads of large roads. All of them are in good condition. Getting to the arboretum in your car will not be difficult.

Migya Canyon (Mykolaiv region)

There are many canyons on the Southern Bug River within the Mykolayiv region, but it is Migiya that affects the most. It is located near the eponymous ancient village 10 km from the city of Pervomaisk. Stones in the middle of a stormy river, rocks, green thickets right on the heap of granite - this sight is worth it to ride 100-200 km. If you wish, you can spend the night on the rocks by setting up a tent. In Pervomaisk do not forget to drop into the Museum of the Missile Forces. The only thing, in the Mykolaiv area roads are not the best, so be careful.

A sofa with a refrigerator, computer games, and a TV set are very useful inventions of our civilization. But because of the long quarantine with its limitations, they no longer look as attractive as during workdays. Therefore, it was time to break out into the fresh air, get vivid impressions, a good portion of oxygen, and certain knowledge.

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