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What to give a car enthusiast for the new year?

New Year is the holiday on which even an adult is waiting for a miracle. A loved one, friend, or colleague whose life is connected with a car should be presented with something special. The question arises of what to give the motorist for the new year. We offer the top 10 desirable and valuable gifts.

TOP 10 best gifts for a car driver

The following presents will delight the motorist. An optimal gift is a valuable thing that will be used with pleasure. As a supplement, use a beautiful New Year's wish list or choose a traditional postcard.

BLS car rental certificate

This is an excellent gift for those who have long dreamed of driving a luxury car. You can choose a specific model yourself or just donate a certificate with a certain amount, and the choice will be made by the motorist himself. The client will have at his disposal the chosen car for the most vivid emotions while traveling around the city or country.

A large selection of cars with different comfort classes is offered. The service is convenient for driving, both within the city and outside it.

Video recorder

If a familiar motorist does not have a DVR yet, it is worth presenting the device for the new year. This is a helpful device that will record what is happening on the road. As a result, in controversial or difficult situations, it will be easier to prove your case. Choose an excellent high-resolution model. This will allow the driver to be confident in the quality of the video.

Video recorder

Another option for a good gift for the new year. It may seem that a navigator is not a necessary thing because any phone has maps. But with him, it is much more convenient. He will find a place on the dashboard of a motorist, which means that he will not have to be distracted by picking up a smartphone to view the road. It will be handy for a man or a woman who often go on long trips to present the device.

Tire Inflator Compressor

Ideally, it should be at hand for every motorist, as tires can be deflated unexpectedly. In practice, it is not always the case that the pump is in the car at the right time. Such a gift will come in handy, and the owner of the car will appreciate it. A manual compressor is more affordable, but an automatic compressor is more convenient to use.

Car carpets

Car mats can be donated to a motorist's car, even if the old ones are in perfect order. Now the choice is pleasantly surprised with its variety:

  • polyurethane;
  • rubber;
  • 3D models;
  • with sides;
  • fabric;
  • pile;
  • leather or eco-leather.

You can ask your boyfriend, husband, recipient about your preferences, or see the benefits of each option and make your own choice. The present will indeed be rated 100% positively.

Car carpets

Car vacuum cleaner

It's not the most affordable gift, but it's better than a pile of useless little things. The presentation will be in constant use with a motorist. It is difficult to find a car owner who would not like to clean up his personal automotive kingdom on his own.

The car vacuum cleaner pleases with its compactness. The device will find a place, if not in the glove compartment, then in the trunk for sure.

Seat Covers

They can be different. In New Year's time, a great option:

  • thematic - these can be bright red options with the image of deer or Santa Claus, which will remind of the holiday and cheer up;
  • heated - they will perfectly warm you on a cold morning or evening, they will remind you of the warmth and comfort of the house, where the family is waiting for the car enthusiast;
  • massage - help to relax, relieve stress, which is especially important after a hard day;
  • Classic - this is also a great option, especially if the car enthusiast has long thought about replacing it.

The guy will appreciate this idea of a New Year's gift. And most importantly, he will notice with what trepidation and responsibility the present was selected. A gift was chosen with heart, and so that it pleases the recipient is especially valuable.

Battery charger

It will come in handy for a car owner who does not have a new car battery. It discharges rather quickly in the cold, and the presence of a charge helps to avoid such situations.

Advice! Choose a quality charger from trusted manufacturers. And then, the emergency restoration of the charge will seem simple and a task.

Set of tools

A set with various tools is a suitable gift for those who are familiar with the car. If you notice that the driver is more interested in self-repairing the car, then he will like this gift. He will find how to apply the tools. The set looks original in a beautiful suitcase, and it is much more convenient and practical to store it this way. It is not necessary to make an independent choice of specific instruments, especially if this is not your field. You can choose a ready-made kit. They are divided into types depending on the price, the number of components of such a set, and some other characteristics.

Set of tools


This is a worthy present that the driver will appreciate. The device will help you know what obstacles lie ahead. There will be an opportunity to avoid problems.

When choosing such a device, you need to pay special attention to power. Such a function is fundamental in generating interference, as well as further modulating a false frequency signal. It is better to overpay a little, but choose a powerful option that the driver will use with gratitude.

In principle, all these gifts will be relevant for a car enthusiast for any occasion, including a birthday. In online stores or in stationary establishments, you can buy a variety of options, choosing according to personal preferences and price. What exactly to give it up to the donor, but the car enthusiast will be glad about what is connected with cars.