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Transportation of animals in transport: metro, trains, cars

Many people have pets. When going on a trip, you often want your pet to accompany you everywhere. The rules for transporting dogs and cats need to be known to the smallest detail. There are many nuances that it is better to familiarize yourself with in advance so as not to get into a mess. It is helpful to find out the rules for transporting animals in Ukraine, and they may differ depending on the method of moving around the country.

Rules for the carriage of animals on the train in Ukraine

Transporting animals on a train is a relatively simple procedure if you know all the nuances. You should proceed like this:

  • place an order for railway tickets at the box office or online;
  • Click on "Baggage transportation";
  • indicate "Animals, birds".

Further, in automatic mode, the cost for the transportation of the pet will be added to the price. If you filled out everything online, you will need to print both the ticket form and the document for your pet.

Also, when studying how to transport a cat on a train or a dog, a bird, you need to remember additional rules. First, there must be a veterinary certificate. Secondly, it should be remembered that each passenger can carry only one animal. Then there are the nuances of transporting a cat or dog.

animals on the train

How to transport dogs on train cars

It is permissible to transport dogs on the train of Ukraine only in soft and compartment cars. A prerequisite is that you need to redeem the entire compartment, and this does not depend on whether there are other travelers or not. The ransom is made in the name of the owner-passenger of the pet. This applies to all dogs without exception, including guide dogs for blind passengers.

If you need to transport dogs over 45 cm in height, your pet must have a muzzle and a leash. The role of the latter can also be played by a harness or chain.

Important! There can be only one dog with one passenger.

On suburban and regional trains, it is possible to transport dogs exclusively in the vestibules of the last and first carriages of the train, which are considered non-working. The pet must be under constant supervision.

When traveling on a train of increased comfort, including Intercity and Intercity +, the transportation of a dog is determined by the rules and design of a particular carriage. If it is a compartment car, then their transportation is permissible only if it is fully redeemed. If there is no separation of the seats, then the transportation of dogs in such cars is unacceptable.

On trains of the night or reserved seat type in Ukraine, it is appropriate to transport only small dogs and in carriers. For large pets, it is permissible to place them only in the purchased compartment, which is located in the last carriage if there is a vestibule nearby.

Small dogs up to 45 cm high at the withers can be transported under the seats. A basket, cage, or box is required. Each passenger can carry up to two small dogs.

Transporting a cat on a train

There are rules for transporting cats on trains. Pets must be kept in baskets, boxes, or cages all the way.

A prerequisite is the presence of an electronic baggage receipt, which is issued in advance. Each passenger can carry only one cat or cat.

Transportation of birds on the train and other small pets

There are special rules for traveling by train if birds and other small pets are traveling with you. They can be transported in wagons of any type. This does not depend on the presence of carry-on baggage. Mostly there is no need to issue travel documents for the transport of birds and decorative pets. Accordingly, you can save on tickets.

You can have no more than three indoor birds or no more than two decorative pets with you. Only one hand of luggage with excess animals can be transported free of charge. In this case, pets must be in a cage, basket, box. The volume of each cannot exceed the size of the carry-on baggage. You need to place them in places for carry-on luggage.

Important! It is unacceptable to transport any wild animals. Also, you cannot deposit all pets. Any of the animals must be constantly monitored.

Rules for transporting animals in the metro in Ukraine

Transportation of animals in the Ukrainian metro is carried out according to specific rules. It is unacceptable to transport large pets. The exception is guide dogs. They must be wearing a collar, muzzle, and leash.

For small pets, for example, small dogs or cats, there are more loyal requirements, but they must be observed, otherwise, the animals will not be allowed on the turnstile. To transport small animals on the metro, you need to take into account the following:

  • the animal must be in a box or container, the size of which cannot exceed 120 cm in width, height, and length;
  • birds must be kept in special containers or cages.

Mainly a separate travel document is not required. If you have a large number of decorative pets that are in baskets that exceed the size of one hand luggage, you may need to buy an additional ticket.

The same rules apply to buses. For large dogs, you need to buy a separate place. Also, if you have a large container or cage, you will also need a separate seat on the bus. It is desirable that these were two or four free-standing chairs in order to isolate themselves from the rest of the passengers and guarantee their peace of mind and safety.

transporting cat in the metro in Ukraine

Rules for the carriage of animals on airplanes

Transportation of animals on the plane is possible, but initially, you need to ask the airline if such transportation is permissible. To do this, just visit the airline's website. There is always a section dedicated to the transportation of animals. Be prepared for the fact that sometimes pets are not allowed on the plane. These airlines include Ryan Air, WizzAir, Fly Dubai, Easy Jet. The exception is guide dogs.

If it is allowed to transport a cat or dog by plane, you need to make sure that the breed meets all the standards. For example, fighting dogs are often not allowed on board.

Important! It is highly recommended that you consult with your veterinarian regarding travel. This is for the safety of pets. Some of them may have difficulties, including shortness of breath, which is typical for bulldogs, pugs, Pekingese. Also, in general for the animal, the flight can be stressful, and you need to understand how to react in a particular situation in order to prevent health problems.

When all the preparatory nuances are settled, it is clear that the pet can be transferred on the flight of the selected airline, you can proceed to decisive action. First, you need to register a cat, dog, bird, decorative pet. The easiest way to do this is by calling the airline's hotline.

Be prepared for the fact that you need to issue permits. These include the following:

  • international veterinary passport;
  • a certificate of the annual rabies vaccination of the pet;
  • information about chipping (if available, for many countries, this is a prerequisite for importing a pet);
  • permission to import an animal into a country or transit through a specific state.

On average, a flight for a four-legged pet will cost 40 euros. But the prices need to be clarified for a specific state since the cost may change from year to year. In general, it is worth knowing that the payment is fixed and by weight. The choice in favor of a particular method is made by the airline. In practice, the fixed payment is usually more expensive.

carriage of animals on airplanes

Additionally, you must comply with the general rules for the flight. The main ones include:

  • you can take a pet into the salon, the whole of which does not exceed 8-10 kg, but provided that it is in a particular container;
  • animals weighing up to 75 kg can travel in the luggage compartment of the aircraft if there is a particular container of suitable size or a cage in which the pet can move freely, and there will be air access from three sides;
  • carriers and other means for transporting animals can be made of soft tissues, hard materials;
  • You can use travel bags, cages, special baskets if the passenger guarantees that the animal cannot escape anywhere and will also have access to release from liquids.

Important! Sometimes air carriers allow pets to be transported in the cabin for free. This is done as emotional support for the owner. This is possible only if the pet weighs no more than 10 kg. It is also important to comply with all the above norms regarding the presence of a container, bag, cage, etc.

Please note that according to the new rules, no more than two pets can fly in aircraft cabins at the same time. Therefore, it is rational to book tickets in advance. If the transportation of a pet is decided at the very last moment, then the time for which you need to have time to call the representatives of the airline is 36-72 hours (the exact terms are determined by the air carrier). In general, it is better not to delay, otherwise, other passengers will book possible seats and, at best, your pet will have to fly in the luggage compartment. After a call to the call center, the possibility of transportation is usually negotiated immediately, but in some cases, the operator can call back in one or two days.

Experienced travelers recommend booking your ticket first without paying. Next, you need to make a call to the airline to inform you that you are planning a flight with a dog or other pet. When permission is received, and after it has been clarified that the quota for animals has been selected, you can redeem the ticket and call the operator again, reminding that the trip will be with an animal.

Sometimes for those traveling with animals, payment for transportation is made at a separate ticket office. All this can be checked with the call center operator or directly at the airport. In any case, it is advisable to arrive at the airport 3-4 hours before departure. In this case, there will be time to deal with all the formalities. And also, the animal will have an extra half hour to get used to the atmosphere in order to avoid stress. Then the frightened pet simply will not run away. Remember that the pet must be on a leash and muzzle when it comes to dogs of large breeds.

Additional veterinary control is required at the airport. In the time it takes about 30-40 minutes. Further, as standard - check-in for the flight, payment, receipt of a boarding pass. It will remain to withstand the flight.

Rules for transporting animals in a car

It seems that there are no rules for transporting pets in cars. This is not true. There are some peculiarities. They must be followed. The main requirement is that the passenger-owner must create comfortable travel conditions for the pet. Also, consider:

  • ventilate the salon regularly;
  • the pet must have enough space to move freely;
  • for small animals, you need to take care of the presence of containers or baskets;
  • large dogs are allowed to be transported on the floor, they must be muzzled;
  • birds must be in cages;
  • it is permissible for the animal to sit on the seat if there is bedding.

The main thing is that the animals do not spoil the cleanliness of the cabin and, in general, the comfort for all passengers and pets is observed. All these rules are valid for traveling by taxi, private car, bus, minibus.

transporting animals in a car

If you want to travel with maximum comfort and not depend on anything, you can rent a vehicle. Of course, all the conditions for the cleanliness and safety of the car will have to be observed, but otherwise, it will be possible to avoid control and any inconvenience, especially if a long-distance route is built. And our company BLS can help in renting a vehicle, where you can order a car online and on favorable terms.

We wish you exciting and comfortable travel with your pets in any transport in Ukraine.

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