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Interesting weekend events on January 18 and 19, 2020 in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnipro and Lviv

Dear friends, in our traditional section “Weekend Poster”, we specifically tell you about the most interesting and diverse events of the weekend of January 18 and 19, 2020 in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, and Lviv.

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Events in Kiev

Costume exhibition “Cinema Magic”.

January 18, 12:00, VDNH, prsp. Academician Glushkov, 1.
A feature of the event is the presentation of unique costumes that were created specifically for famous Ukrainian TV shows, films, and shows. Among the exhibits of the exhibition, viewers will see costumes from the filming of the historical action "Zakhar Berkut", love story "Devotee", the series "Fortress". Cost from 90 UAH.

Overcoming Gravity | Film screening "Portrait on a background of mountains."

January 18, 18:00, Mystetsky Arsenal, ul. Lavra, 12.
The film tells about the life and work of the Ukrainian artist, folklorist, ethnographer, philosopher, writer Parasky Tiles-Campion. The history of the film turned into a large transmedia project, which began from an archive of old photo-negatives accidentally found in 2015. Cost from 80 UAH.

Grand Rock Piano Show.

January 19, 19:00. Palace of Culture KPI, ave. Victory, 37.
The main instrument of the grand concert is the piano. Accompanied by an orchestra and a choir, the piano will perform your favorite hits, soundtracks from films, classical and original works of Yaroslav Oleinik in the rock genre. Feel the incredible energy of the unity of melody, singing, drum rhythms, and light show. The cost is from 200 UAH.

Events in Lviv

Bach music in the organ hall.

January 18. 18:00, Lviv Organ Hall, st. S. Bandera, 8.
Bach and organ perfectly complement each other, like two pieces of one puzzle. Mind and fantasy, movement and contemplation, calculation and uplift, sophistication and magnificence - all this is combined in Bach's music. Organ music as the best manifestation of the composer's creativity is waiting for you in the Lviv Organ Hall. Cost from 80 UAH.

Performance "Pentecost".

January 19, 19:00, First Theater, ul. Gnatyuk, 11.
An abandoned Balkan church at the crossroads of different conquerors suddenly becomes a crossroads of different cultures. The unique medieval fresco found here appears on the scene as an apple of discord, turning further into a hostage and a victim. An almost detective story draws the viewer into a solid ball of hot topics of our time - discord, terrorism, refugees. Cost - from 170 UAH

Stand-up show “Scandalous open microphone.”

January 19, 20:00, Beer House, ul. Scientific, 51.
Tired of listening to Bati's jokes about last year’s bread? So extinguish the Christmas tree, hide the devil and goat costumes for the next nativity scene, don’t finish the New Year’s salads, get out of the hole and come to bask at the stand-up! Specify the cost.

Events in Dnipro

Free walking TOUR Dnipro.

January 18, 12:00, st. Prince Vladimir the Great, 13.
The tourist center "Fish Andrey" offers a free viewing walking tour of the city of Dnipro. Their guide will tell you amazing facts about the city. The duration of the tour is 2.5 hours.

The ballet “The Night Before Christmas”.

January 19, 18:00, Dnipropetrovsk Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, st. Dmitry Yavornitsky, 72A.
The ballet "The Night Before Christmas" is not only joyful pictures of folk fun but also fantastic events that occur only once a year - "on a magnificent night of miracles." Cost - from 80 UAH.

Epiphany bathing.

January 19, 7:00, Bartolomeo Best River Resort, ul. Embankment of Victory, 9B.
The organizers prepared a special atmosphere, musical accompaniment and a special menu from the restaurant complex. Also on this day, there will be a priest who will perform the rite of blessing the water. Free admission.

Events in Kharkov

Faust: opera.

January 18, 18:30, KhNATOB, st. Sumska, 25.
In opera, the work of the French composer S. Gounod “Faust” occupies undoubted leadership, for more than 100 years it has fascinated the audience with a combination of mysticism, desperate, pure love and an impressive embodiment of the infernal world, with the odious Mephistopheles at the head. Specify cost

Instrumental jazz. Stolen soul jazz.

January 18, 20:00, Fabrika.bar, ul. Blagoveshchenskaya 1.
Organizers urge Saturday night with Stolen soul-jazz. Musicians cross out all that is superfluous from music and create a real sound that can make you think and love jazz again.

The mystical drama "Locked Up".

January 19, 19:00, Forte Theater - Actor’s House, ul. Manizer 3.
Perhaps the best dramatization of the work of J.P. Sartra in Ukraine. Three people go to hell. A man and two women: a journalist, a postal worker, and a socialite. Everything looks like an ordinary hotel room. Each of them is dangerous. When the executioner arrives - it is unknown. And what punishment awaits everyone - too. Is there a place for mercy and love in hell? In this world of cruelty, masks are flawless. Cost - from 160 UAH.