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Interesting weekend events on February 22 and 23, 2020 in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnieper and Lviv

What are your plans for the weekend of February 22 and 23? Perhaps our poster will make them nice corrections! After all, we have prepared for you as many as 12 events in our regular Friday column! We selected events in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnieper, and Lviv.

Here you can have a great time at various events - cool concerts, theater performances, modern art exhibitions, performances, excursions and other events for any demanding taste!

Even if the event that interests you does not happen in your hometown, it doesn’t matter, the best solution is to rent a car from BLS because the choice is huge and you won’t be tied to public transport! Moreover, we have a very sensible offer: with the Weekend tariff, you pay for 2 days off, and get the car for your use - in fact - for 3 days!
How does it work? When ordering a car for the weekend, tell our manager that you want to use the Weekend tariff. In this case, you can pick up the car on Friday after 17:00, and return it on Monday at 11:00. And now - more about what happened.

Events in Kiev

Alexander Roitburd. Life on the table: still lifes.

February 22, 11:00, auction house "Dukat", st. Vladimirskaya, 5.
At the exhibition in "Ducati" presented thirteen still lifes written by the artist over the past year. This time, the focus of his attention was on the plane of the round table, where laconic still lifes from personal items appear - as if the heroes of theatrical sketches, telling about life on the table. Free admission.

Rhytm Buro. Season Opening 2020.

February 22, 23:00, M82, ul. Mezhigorsk, 82.
The main headliner of the event will be the legendary live Global Communication. This is a project to which all true electronic music fans take their hats off. 25 years ago, Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard released one of the biggest albums in electronic music history, “76:14,” taking a place alongside such legends as The Orb, Aphex Twin or Orbital. Ticket price from 499 UAH.

Pyryatyn band: recital.

February 23, 20:00, Docker Pub, ul. Bogatyrskaya, 25.
The legendary group "Pyryatyn" in an updated composition. Pyryatyn is a musical, ideological, as well as countercultural diversion. A sincere and stylistically sustained hooligan with truthful texts, ideologically acoustic music, and expressive author's aesthetics. Ticket price - from 150 UAH.

Events in Lviv

Gershwin - Barber - Dvorak.

February 22, 18:00, Lviv National Philharmonic, ul. Tchaikovsky, 7.
You can go on a real transatlantic musical journey through the "All 100% pleasure inclusive" system. After all, the organizers have prepared for you real-world classics hits George Gershwin. Symphonic Suite “Porgy and Bess” by Samuel Barber. Concert for violin and orchestra, Op. 14. Antonin Dvorak. Symphony No. 9 in E minor “From the New World”, TV. 95. Ticket price - from 100 UAH.

Piano concert "Butterfly Effect".

February 23, 19:00, Lviv Concert House, st. S. Bandera, 8.
Butterflies "- a large syncretic project of the Lviv Organ Hall: exhibition, concert, lecture. Children's music program. How did the butterfly flap Schubert, Schuman, Debussy feel? February 23, immediately after the opening of the exhibition" Butterflies "in the Organ Hall Gallery, at 19.00 we invite you to concert of the pianist from Kyiv Sergey Kovalev. He will perform selected music by composers, dedicated their works to butterflies. Ticket price from 80 UAH.


February 23, 12:00, art center Yula, st. Armenian, 35.

February 23 - Beauty Saves charity initiative, the A.space development and expression platform in the Jig art center will make a place where art is created and helps! You will be able to attend such master classes as Miniature modeling, sketch drawing (in different formats), illustration, flyleaf master class, and graphics, as well as a spectacular interactive master class, awaits you! And much more interesting! Specify the cost of entry.

Events in Dnipro

Vladimir Grishko. Vivat Pavarotti!

February 22, 18:00, Dnipropetrovsk Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, st. Dmitry Yavornitsky, 72A.
For the 85th anniversary of the legendary Italian singer Luciano Pavarotti, People's Artist of Ukraine, tenor Volodymyr Hryshko will present the author’s program “Vivat Pavarotti”. All fans of the work of Luciano Pavarotti and his talented student and stage partner Vladimir Grishko will enjoy vocal hits that will be accompanied by a symphony orchestra.

Tapolsky at the R-12.

February 22, 22:00, Rocketorob, ul. Paragraphs 4A.
Every year, DJ Tapolsky returns to his homeland to play a real drum and bass! The drum and bass night is scheduled for February 22nd. Companies of Tapolsky will make ZAKLINSKY, OLEG K, D-WHITE, and MACHINIST. Admission - from 150 UAH.

Blogger Day 2020. Music social networks.

February 23, 10:00, Dnipropetrovsk Philharmonic, ul. Voskresenskaya, 6.
The event is for beginner bloggers, for anyone who wants to create or develop cool blogs on social networks. Speeches of 16 speakers from all over Ukraine. What is the event about? Why what and how we write on social networks. How it all began with each of us and what it became. Victories and defeats. Fountains of creativity and desert lack of inspiration. Live stories of real people. Entrance fee - 300 UAH.

Events in Kharkov

Cheese Sunday in Kharkiv.

February 22 and 23, 10:00 - 22:00, SEC "Caravan", st. Heroes of Labor, 7.
About 30 craft manufacturers from different parts of Ukraine are waiting for you.
Particular attention is paid to the cheeses of Ukrainian farmers, who, according to the Ambassador of France in Ukraine, are the best of many European counterparts. The fair will feature young, semi-solid, aged cheeses made from goat and cow milk, as well as cheeses with mold and according to original recipes.

Balet "Sobor Parizhskoy Bogomateri".

February 22, 18:30, KhNATOB, st. Sumy, 25.
The current premiere will take place in the choreographic version of the People's Artist of Ukraine Evgenia Khasyanov, and also based on ballet classics. However, the essence of the plot narrated by Victor Hugo has not changed much over these decades and even centuries. Therefore, the audience, as before, will be glad to meet with a love story translated into dance, which turned out to be stronger than the stone walls of Notre Dame Cathedral. Ticket price - from 100 UAH.

The play "Suffering on Goncharovka."

February 23, 19:00, ART AREA DK, st. Chernyshevskaya, 13.
“Suffering on Goncharovka” is a modern interpretation of the play “Matchmaking on the Potter” by Grigory Kvitka-Osnovyanenko. Through this performance, the theater will show how unconventionally one can look at classical works. Actors reveal the social and everyday suffering of Ukrainian to the rhythms of hip-hop and jazz. During the presentation, an animated design is projected onto the walls. Ticket price - 200 UAH.