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How to prepare a car for a long trip

Traveling in your car can bring significantly more impressions and positive emotions than a trip on any other type of transport. For a long trip by car not to be overshadowed by technical problems, the vehicle must be properly prepared for the upcoming road. Next, we will talk about how to properly prepare a car for a long trip so that it does not let you down on the trip and this time will be remembered only from the good side.

Preparing your car for a summer trip

The process of preparing a car for a distant summer trip is simple. In summer, the road is much easier than in winter. Even if something happens on the track, you have no chance of freezing in the car.

Modern vehicles can withstand long hauls. However, man is not a machine. It is recommended to drive no more than 700-900 km during daylight hours. Otherwise, the driver runs the risk of being overly tired, which can threaten emergencies.

A used car for long journeys should be well equipped. It must necessarily contain:

  • spare wheel;
  • pump;
  • tools;
  • child seat (if a child is in the car);
  • supply of water and food;
  • navigator or map;
  • tow rope;
  • mobile phone charger;
  • cooler bag (optional, but will not be superfluous in hot weather);
  • first aid kit.

Preparing a car for a winter trip

You need to prepare more seriously for winter car travel. In the cold season, even the smallest error on the road can be very expensive. One of the top tips is to keep your tank full. The fuel supply will help (in case of emergency) to warm up inside the vehicle.

Important! Before traveling in winter, you need to make sure that the stove is working properly in the car. It is she who will be able to warm you on a long journey. Also, the driver's view will depend on this element. The inadequate blowing of warm air to the windshield can cause it to freeze. If the stove does not heat enough, then it must be cleaned or replaced.

The motorist is obliged to check the composition of the toolbox and the condition of the spare wheel, fill in high-quality washer fluid and, if necessary, replace the antifreeze. Before a long trip, it is imperative to undergo a technical inspection. Study properly the route of your trip, make a plan of the location of gas stations and think about which gas stations will be convenient to call in.

Preparing the vehicle in the off-season

During the off-season, absolutely all components and assemblies of the car are influenced by daily temperature changes. That is why the preparation of transport at this time should be as thorough as in winter. First of all, the car owner needs to check the health of the wiring and electrical equipment. These parts are the most vulnerable to weather conditions. It is worth assessing the battery charge level. Thorough diagnostics of the car will reveal all existing problems with electrical elements.

Advice! Pay special attention to the condition of the wipers. In the off-season, there is dirt, slush on our roads, precipitation often falls. If your wipers do not do their job well, then it is better to replace them with new ones.

The rainy season can lead to corrosion. If you want to keep your car intact, then before a long trip you should carefully examine the paintwork and remove chips. Ideally, a special protective wax or other agents should be applied to the body.

Technical highlights

A long car ride is stressful for both people and the vehicle. That is why it must be in really good condition. Otherwise, flaws can get out at the most inopportune moment. Do many people wonder what to check before a long trip? The answer is - you should check:

  • engine;
  • brake system;
  • steering and suspension;
  • condition of wheels;
  • level and quality of working fluids;
  • body and interior.

Checking the engine

Without a working engine, the car cannot go anywhere. If there is even the slightest doubt about his ability to overcome a considerable distance, then it is worth signing up for a diagnosis. At the same time, it is necessary to check the fuel system and attachments. Do this a few weeks before leaving. This will give you time to fix the problems you find.

Refuel exclusively at proven stations. To do this, you can find out on the forums about good gas stations on your route and mark them on the map. Check the battery and recharge if necessary.

Diagnostics of steering, suspension, and braking systems

The motorist must check the performance of these systems without fail. This is especially true after our winters, changing roads to solid holes. They can loosen up the suspension and knock off the correct wheel alignment.

Make sure the brake pads and discs are in good condition. Trips on intercity routes will take place at high speeds. In certain situations, emergency braking may be required. If the brakes are faulty, you can get into an accident.

Checking wheels

Pay particular attention to the condition of the tires. It must be remembered that the residual tread depth must be at least 1.6 mm. Take a look at the special baffles located inside the rubber grooves. If the wear is large, then going on a long trip on such a tread will be dangerous. At high speed, "tired" tires can simply burst.

We evaluate the quality and level of technical fluids

When visiting a car service, you need to check the working fluids. If the internal combustion engine "eats up" the oil, then it is worth taking along an additional canister with engine oil. Pay special attention to the brake fluid. Some motorists believe that it is poured into the system for the entire period of the car's service. This is completely wrong! The brake fluid must be changed regularly. Twice a year will be enough.

Before long trips to the southern regions, it will be necessary to check the performance of the air conditioning system.

Interior and body preparation

Make sure the lights are functioning properly. Adjust the headlights correctly so that they do not blind other road users.

A long trip requires preparation of the vehicle interior. The most important factor here is the safety of the driver and passengers. Before traveling, be sure to check that all seat belts are working properly. If there are children in the car with you, it is worth equipping the car with special devices for transporting babies. You need to make sure that the door locking and opening mechanisms are working properly.

What to take with you on a long car trip?

If we talk about spare parts and tools, then going on a long journey you will need to take with you:

  • spare wheel;
  • tools for self-changing wheels;
  • a set for the hand-made repair of minor faults. Long-distance travel can carry surprises, so it's best to be prepared for the worst;
  • fuses of various ratings, light bulbs, several wires of different cross-sections;
  • heat-resistant adhesive tape, various clamps. These things will be needed when the gas line and hoses break;
  • dry welding. It will help in eliminating leaks in the gas tank, radiator;
  • candles, belts, filters, and other consumables (if your car is rare and it is difficult to find spare parts for it);
  • wires for "lighting", shovel, rope;
  • a small can of gasoline, washer fluid, engine oil, an agent that helps remove insect residues from the windshield.

We will also answer the question of what you need to have in the car for a long trip from the documents:

  • personal passport (driver and all passengers);
  • driver's license;
  • OMS insurance policy and OSAGO policy;
  • STS for a car;
  • documents confirming disability (if any).

If you are planning to travel abroad, you will need an additional list of documents. The list can be adjusted based on the final destination. You will need to take care of the availability:

  • foreign passport;
  • visas (if the state does not have an agreement on visa-free entry for citizens of our country);
  • medical insurance;
  • "Green card" (international motor third party liability insurance);
  • driving license of international standard.

If you plan to rent a car for a long trip, then you should not worry about the serviceability of the car, since BLS took care of this. Nevertheless, it will not be superfluous to independently check the serviceability of the car and write down the number of the rental company on the phone.

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