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Winter holidays in Lviv

If the vacation took place in the winter, do not get upset. In Lviv, you can relax at any time of the year. When the old streets paved with stone are covered with white snow, then this place in Ukraine becomes fabulous. Many people plan a vacation in Lviv in winter to capture all the New Year holidays.

The mini-city is also called the prototype of Europe since it is interesting to combine different styles in architecture - Baroque, Renaissance, Gothic. You can just wander through the streets, enjoying the wonderful atmosphere or make a plan of interesting sights. We will talk about them below.

Where to go to Lviv in winter

Almost all winter activities in the tourist mecca of Ukraine are located in the city center. Very comfortably. The main winter holidays are worthy of special attention. Nicholas, New Year, Christmas and Epiphany.

Lviv Fair

A traditional Christmas market runs from mid-December to mid-January. This is a tradition for European cities, which migrated to us. A favorite place for foreign tourists is located on the territory between Prospect Svobody and the site from the Opera House to the Shevchenko monument. On the southeastern side of Rynok Square, its own Christmas market also opens. In such places, you can feel the flavor of the Ukrainian life of western Ukraine with European notes.

In addition to national souvenirs, judging by the photos of Lviv from tourists, in winter you can taste dishes of Ukrainian and European cuisines right on the street, try sweets and delicious pastries, traditional drinks - mead or mulled wine. Tents with holiday goods spontaneously stand - from rare and hand-made products to clothes.

You can bring clay clothes, an old Chanel bag and a couple of extra pounds home because the food at the fairs is very tasty and satisfying. New Year's entertainments are held in Lviv on weekdays from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., and on holidays and weekends from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Lviv skating rink

No need to go far. This fun is located right on the Market Square. Helps keep you warm on a rainy day. The rink’s area is about 990 m2, and it works from winter to March 15 of next year. In addition to the arena, houses for wardrobe, rental uniforms are open. Playing cheerful fiery music. Here you can relax with the whole family.

Cozy cafes

In winter, Lviv impresses with numerous small coffee houses that have nothing to do with traditional restaurants and cafes. Here, in each courtyard, you can find unique institutions that keep their history, more often - a legend. A special atmosphere will hover around, unusual dishes will be served. Art cafes and museum cafes are very popular in this city.

Winter park

Located in the Park of Culture and Rest. B. Khmelnitsky. Here you can look at nature and beautiful views in winter, but most of the guests tend to ski, snowboard, as the place is famous for extreme winter entertainment. There are so many in this park that there is even a map that we recommend photographing on your mobile phone. You won’t go hungry, the food zone is working.

Local festivities

On winter holidays in Lviv is fun. There is a lot going on here, so try not to miss anything. Christmas celebrations take place magnificently, with dances and songs. A nativity scene is being set up on the square, which glorifies the Christmas holiday. Lviv nativity scenes is something. They are even included in the list of excursions on January 6 of each year.

On the day off they put a traditional diduha. Now he usually stands on Yavorsky Square - at the entrance to the Jesuit Church. The height of the structure is up to 4m, it is knitted from small sheaves. On Christmas Eve, diduh is run by a big city kutya, and everyone can try it. Next caroling a big nativity scene. If you wish, you can join the Lviv and celebrate with them.

At Christmas, it is still planned to hold many holidays that perfectly convey the old Galician traditions. The festivals “Big Carol”, “Christmas in Guy”, “Pampushka Festival” are just the beginning of the list of events that are held every year for guests and residents.

Christmas tree

Locals make nativity scenes, doduhs are set not so much for tourists as for themselves, as the western region of Ukraine is very devout and spiritual. The Christmas tree stands throughout the holidays in the city center. Youth groups gather here, put on skits, stand-ups, everything goes on merrily and festively.

Entertainment in Lviv in winter is unusual for most residents of Ukraine and multifaceted. A good rest is provided to the whole family. You can not stop at the fun in the city itself, go for a drive around the sights of the Lviv region. In order to catch everything on the weekend or on vacation, to visit all the attractions, use BLS car rental in Lviv. Each car for rent is serviced and “shod” with winter tires. The price already includes GO and CASCO

For an additional payment, tourists can understaff the transport with useful trifles, such as a GPS-navigator, Internet with Wi-Fi and a children's car seat. The list of options, both basic and additional for a fee, is constantly expanding. Visit the company website to find out about all the new products.