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How to rent a car and what you need for this

Going on a family vacation, on a trip, or alone - at work, often you need a reliable rental car. In any case, a company with a large fleet of vehicles will come to the rescue, where it will not be difficult to choose a vehicle to your liking. The question arises how to use the service and get a car without unnecessary trouble at the best price.

To do this, it is enough to have a minimum package of documents to conclude an agreement with a car rental company. But the nuances of car rental do not end there. There are some points that you need to consider before going to a car rental, and after getting the car at your disposal. Consider the rules for a quick, comfortable and reliable rental.

Terms and conditions of car rental

The list of documents for car rental is small. It is enough for individuals to have a driver’s license and passport in their hands. Legal entities will need copies of authorized and founding documents certified by a notary public, a driver’s and representative’s passport, and driver’s license.

At BLS, at the first stage, a tenant’s questionnaire is filled out, where information about driving experience, participation in an accident is entered, and the purpose of the rental is indicated. If the data received from the client does not match, a car rental contract is not possible.

The whole list of conditions and requirements for renting a car:

  1. The country of use of the leased asset is Ukraine (otherwise, a permit letter from the BLS rental company is required).
  2. The tenant is 21 years old or more (renting a cabriolet and VIP-car requires a person to be at least 23 years old).
  3. Identity document regardless of citizenship and country of residence.
  4. The presence of a valid driver’s license (the initials in the document must be written in Latin letters).
  5. Minimum auto service 2 years.
  6. Deposit in cash equivalent, which the client receives back when returning the car and in the absence of operational violations (the amount of the deposit depends on the leased funds).
  7. Compliance with mileage requirements (rental for 1-3 days implies a limit of 350 km / day, they are not available when renting for 4 days or more). Excess is paid separately according to the tariff established for a particular class of car from 12 to 75 cents per kilometer.

Important information! Each vehicle of the company has insurance, which includes the costs of an accident and theft.

заключение договора

Do I need insurance?

A prerequisite for car rental is the presence of an insurance policy, without which the driver is not able to leave the city. The document contains the name of the tenant who does not need to pay additional insurance, since its value is already reflected in the rent. The condition for using the policy does not have any restrictions. It involves liability insurance of a client who has received a power of attorney to drive a vehicle.

There are two types of insurance:

  • CTP (with proven fault of the tenant in an accident, financial losses cannot be avoided).
  • CASCO (assumes compensation for damage to counterparties).

According to the contract, limited liability insurance may apply to cars. With this option, damage is paid in part if the tenant’s fault is established. The remaining amount must be paid by the lessee or both parties that have entered into a car rental contract. Therefore, insurance of a rental car is the right choice, because only in this way you can get compensation.

Insurance will protect against:

  • car damage;
  • theft, hijacking and arson;
  • causing physical harm to other persons and their property.

автопрокат BLS

What to do in case of breakdown of a rented car?

Having decided to go on a trip in a rented car, the driver may encounter a breakdown. The main rule is to contact the rental company with an explanation of what happened. It is the landlord who will solve the problem, so there is no need to take responsibility for its self-removal. The service of providing support to the client in resolving the issue regarding an unforeseen malfunction of the car is absolutely free and is immediately after receiving the application.

BLS specialists act according to the instructions and do everything possible to solve the problem. Most often, evacuation of transport and the client. If it is impossible to eliminate the breakdown, the tenant receives another car at his disposal. The processing time for such a request is less than a day.

An important point! It is not necessary to look for a breakdown and try to repair a rented car, since the initiative of the driver can result in a monetary penalty.

ремонт авто

What to do in case of an accident?

Physical contact with another vehicle involves the following series of actions on the part of the tenant:

  • The accident occurred due to the fault of the client. He pays for the repair, if there is no CASCO or other conditions of the contract, excluding compensation.
  • The accident is arranged by a third party. The tenant does not need to worry, because all the chores will fall on the rental company.

In the event of an accident, do the following:

  • provide medical assistance to victims if necessary;
  • write or call the landlord explaining the details;
  • notify the insurance office (if one appears in the contract);
  • cause DPS, record the incident;
  • prepare documents for transfer for damages.

счастливого пути

Actual offers and pricing policy

To ensure maximum comfort for the lessee, the rental company provides special offers, which are paid separately.

The list of additional services include:

  • GPS;
  • unlimited Wi-Fi;
  • additional driver;
  • children's booster or chair.

Each service costs $ 4 / day when activated for up to 2 weeks and half as much for a longer period.

Interesting fact! Returning a car in another city, for example, in Kiev when renting a car in Kharkov, will cost 200-300 dollars.

BLS is committed to renting cars to potential customers at the right price with maximum comfort. Each tenant can count on full support and a minimum of problems.