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Motorcycle rental terms

Requirements to renter

Minimal age-23
Driving experience from 2 years

Payment Method

VISA / Mastercard / American Express
Bank transfer payment

Required documents

ID code(for Ukrainian citizen)
Driver's License

Territory of motorcycle use

It is restricted to cross the border of Ukraine without the prior documentary access of BLS Car Rental company


All motorcycles are insured on the terms of compulsory civil liability insurance "OSAGO", as well as "CASCO".


Deposit amount depends on the class of motorcycle. Deposit is given while rental contract signing and given back to the Renter while motorcycle drop-off in case all contract point are fulfilled.


VAT and maintenance are included into the rate. Rental begins from the moment when contract signed. Delay of return for 2 hours or more considers as the next rental day.


Motorcycle rental without mileage limitation is valid when ordering a motorcycle for 4 days or more. When ordering up to 4 days, the limit is 350 km / day. The charge for extra mileage when renting a motorcycle for up to 4 days is 0.5$ / km

Additions to a motorcycle

Helmet rent

USD 8/24 hours

Motorcycle equipment

USD 8/24 hours

Mounted bag/ rack

USD 8/24 hours

Motorcycle driving education

USD 25/hour


Normal wear and tear terms

1.1. Maintenance and documentation

Regular maintenance and repairs must be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. The vehicle’ manual, service book and other documentation regarding the vehicle and the equipment are located directly in the vehicle and must be accurately stored, accessible at any time.

1.2. Exterior of vehicles

Regular cleaning and washing of the vehicle must ensure a good cosmetic condition and appearance of the vehicle.

1.3. Additional equipment

The renter has to return the vehicle with an accurate additional equipment. The renter cannot install any additional equipment on the owner's vehicle.

1.4. Labels and signs

The renter should not place any advertisement, any signs, poster or labels onto the vehicle's body.

1.5. Key and safety system

A complete set of keys should be available along with notes of their numbers. If the interlocking system acts at a distance (remote), the corresponding key must remain in place and be serviceable. If an anti-theft security system was originally installed on the vehicle, it must be serviceable and function properly, including any key or key chain necessary to operate the system.

2. Exterior of vehicles

2.1. Body damages

Any body damages must be eliminated immediately. All works must be done by professionals with anti-corrosion warranty. Visual repair signs are not accepted

2.2. Dent

Little quantity of dents (up to 5 mm) are accepted in case there is no damage of varnished surface. In case the dents have appeared on one panel, that panel should be repaired or changed.

2.3. Polish

Minor damage from stone crumbs, dents on the door fins and minor scratches (up to 25 mm) are allowed, depending on the age and mileage of the vehicle, provided that they do not lead to end-to-end damage to the metal substrate and will not lead to corrosion. The outer surface of the lacquer should be free from significant mechanical damage (over 25 mm) and have good color and shine.

2.4. Headlights glass/lenses

All lighting fixtures must be in working order. Minor scratches or marks are allowed. But penetrating damage to glass or plastic headlights is not acceptable.

3. Trimwork of the vehicle

3.1. Interior design

Seats upholstery should kept in cleanness without any signs of burning, holes or stains on the seats or another surfaces

3.2. Controls dashboard

All handling and control levers should be in proper condition. Any modifications of speedometer are not acceptable. Missed elements are to be changed

4. Bottom part of vehicle

4.1. Bottom

Small chips and dents from stones are accepted in case those damages will not cause significant corrosion signs. Significant damages and deformation of chassis are not accepted.

4.2. Exhaust system

The system must be in working undamaged condition, no gas leakage or traces of explosion of accumulated exhaust gases are allowed. A defective catalyst is not allowed.

4.3. Oil leak

Any visible oil leak must be immediately eliminated

4.4. Wheels and wheel trim

Dents and wheels damages are not accepted

4.5. Tires wear and damages

The presence of obvious damage to the side surfaces or the tread of tires caused by improper driving on the side of the road or due to other gross violations is not allowed.

5. Mechanical condition

Normal wear is not considered:

5.1. Brake system:

Destruction of the surface of the brake discs due to contact with metal or cold water.

5.2. Engine type:

Lac of gas and oil materials or destruction of internal components that caused the engine jam

5.3. Transfer:

Sliding, not proper gears shift, clutch impasse or ineffective synchronizing machine