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The best cars for the city

Driving along city streets and lanes has its specifics. If a car is needed mainly for city trips, it should be chosen according to certain criteria. Among them are not only parameters, but also other characteristics of the car (engine size, fuel type, etc.). The ideal option is the availability of different cars for the city and suburban trips.

Criterias of choice

Most drivers have their preferences when choosing a car. Someone is interested in the prestige of the brand, for someone the appearance or speed capabilities are important. Often a model is selected taking into account the purpose of use. Therefore, it is impossible to give precise instructions on choosing a car for moving around a settlement. Nevertheless, some technical, operational characteristics of a car must be taken into account before buying a vehicle or renting it for city driving. Car rental companies take into account the different needs of their customers, for this they select cars of various brands in their fleet.

Luggage space

Trunk capacity usually matters for long journeys and travel. Also, drivers who like to carry with them constantly various tools, equipment for repairs or equipment for car care pay attention to this characteristic. In other cases, a large trunk is not needed to operate a car within the city; sedans and station wagons are not the most practical and convenient option.


A well-equipped, comfortable salon is one of the important selection criteria. Especially for those who spend a lot of time in the car. A good navigation system, a climate system is needed. Heated seats will also provide additional comfort. A trip in a warm, comfortable car salon equipped with all new electronic devices will allow you not to be distracted by unpleasant sensations and inconveniences. In such a car, it is pleasant to move around the city, to solve important issues.

Engine capacity

When choosing a car, drivers always pay attention first of all to the volume of the engine. For the city, small cars are becoming an excellent option in this regard. If the car has an engine capacity of up to 1.6 liters, it is economical to drive it, there are no high fuel costs. With a motor up to 150 hp you can not only drive at a speed typical for city traffic, but also make safe overtaking on permitted road sections.

Another point influenced by this characteristic is the amount of transport tax.

Fuel type

You can buy or rent a car for city trips using gasoline or diesel. It is believed that a diesel vehicle will be more economical in terms of costs. But you should take into account the inconvenience it will cause - an unpleasant smell, problems with diesel fuel freezing in the cold season. The driver can study information about different types of fuel, compare the pros and cons, this will help to make the best choice.


The specifics of trips on city streets affect the choice of a car according to the type of transmission. It is convenient to drive a car with automatic transmission in the city, there are fewer problems with it in traffic jams, on heavily loaded roads, where cars cannot reach high speed. But some drivers prefer manual transmissions, this type of box is the most comfortable for them on any tracks. Therefore, when choosing according to this characteristic, you should be guided by your preferences.


For city streets, a small-sized car is an excellent choice. After all, such dimensions also provide good maneuverability of the machine in a confined space. If you need to make a turn in a narrow yard or alley, the size of the vehicle can make a big difference.

But at the same time, the usual number of passengers for trips around the city matters. If the car will normally carry 5 people in its cabin, for example, it should be roomy. Models should be considered in which large capacity is combined with compact dimensions.


The degree of maneuverability of a car is indicated not only by its parameters. The limiting angles of rotation of the front wheels are also an important characteristic. When driving around the city, the turning radius should be up to 5.6 meters. In this case, the car can be considered maneuverable, safe, and convenient for the city.

Security systems

Car safety is the main selection criterion because the health and life of the driver and passengers depend on it. There are three types of security systems, each of which must be present in the characteristics of the machine.

  • Passive safety is provided by pillows, curtains, seat belts.
  • The active system includes such devices in the design of the car as an anti-lock braking system, pedestrian detection, directional stability, and brake force distribution.
  • The auxiliary safety system is provided with equipment for recognition of signs, monitoring the state of the driver, for parking assistance.

Modern car models, including those for the city, are provided with unique equipment that provides good safety and protection from accidents. But without a responsible attitude and behavior behind the wheel of the driver, there can be no talk of complete safety.


The beauty of the car, respectability is of particular importance for those who need a vehicle for work, solving business issues, business. On the BLS website, there are models of different years of release that fully meet this selection criterion.

The best city cars according to BLS

Taking into account these criteria, the company can offer its rating of cars that are suitable for regular trips around the city.

  1. Fiat 500E. The electric car is characterized by its compact size, maneuverability. The car is designed for 4 passengers.
  2. Volkswagen Polo. It has all the options necessary for a modern car. Roomy interior, low consumption.
  3. Skoda Octavia A7 2018. Differs in small parameters, engine capacity 1.6 liters. The car is comfortable and easy to operate.
  4. Peugeot 301. Small, maneuverable car, profitable in terms of fuel consumption.

These and other models can be selected and rented at a bargain price from BLS, choosing an option taking into account the top criteria and your idea of a comfortable and convenient car for the city.