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Requirements for the renter:

  • minimal age - 21
  • driver’s experience - minimum 2 years

Required documents:

  • passport
  • identification code (for the citizens of Ukraine)
  • driver license valid in the territory of Ukraine

Payment methods

  • cash/non-cash payment
  • credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express)

Car delivery/return.

Car delivery/return in close proximity to central office of BLC company (201, Kharkivske highway, Kyiv) in working time is provided free of charge.

The car should be delivered/returned only in pure form.

Lessee can use the car to travel in Ukraine outside Kyiv City without additional collateral. It is prohibited to travel outside the territory of Ukraine.

Additional services Price ($)
GPS navigator, child seat, Wi-Fi Internet (rent per day) 4
Second driver (per day) 4
Delivery/return of a vehicle within Kyiv City in working time 15
Delivery/return of a vehicle within Kyiv City outside working time 25
Delivery/return at Boryspil international airport in working time 25
Delivery/return at Boryspil international airport outside working time 25
Airport tax at Kyiv international airport (Zhuliany) 15
Return at Kyiv international airport (Zhuliany) outside working time 25
Airport charge at Donetsk international airport -
Delivery/return of a vehicle within Donetsk City in working time -
Delivery/return of a vehicle within Donetsk City outside working time -
Delivery/return of a vehicle in central office (201, Kharkivske highway, Kyiv) in working time on Sunday 10


One-Way Service (return of a vehicle in the branch of another city)

Vehicle class Price ($)
Economy-class 200
Middle-class 200
Business-class 200
SUV class 250
VIP class 300

  • Insurance

All vehicles are insured under compulsory civil liability car owner insurance “OSAGO", as well as “AutoKASKO".

  • Insurance deposit

The amount of insurance deposit at the time of rental depends on the model of rented vehicle. The insurance deposit shall be paid at the moment of the undersigning of contract and shall be returned to the Lessee at the moment of the vehicle transfer to Lessor provided the execution of contract’s terms.

  • Rates

Rates include full maintenance of the vehicle, VAT and unlimited daily mileage/kilometerage*. Rental start shall be calculated from the moment of undersigning of acceptance and delivery certificate of the vehicle. The delay of a car for 2 or more hours shall be paid as its rental for the next day.

    *Car rental with unlimited mileage/kilometerage is valid when ordering a car for 4 days or more. Extra payment for overrun when renting a car for up to 4 days:

    Car class $/km
    Economy 0,12
    Middle 0,18
    Business 0,3
    SUV 0,3
    Vans 0,5
    Cabrio 0,6
    VIP 0,75

    1.1. Maintenance and documents
    Regular technical service and repairs shall be performed in compliance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Car owner’s manual, warranty and service book, and other documents related to the vehicle and its equipment shall be located directly in the car and shall be stored carefully, and shall be available immediately.
    1.2. Vehicle appearance
    Regular cleaning and washing of car interior and exterior shall ensure the good cosmetic condition and appearance of the vehicle.
    1.3. Additional equipment
    Car Renter shall return the vehicle with working additional equipment that had been installed by Owner. Renter shall not have the right to install any additional equipment onto the rented Owner’s vehicle.
    1.4. Badges and emblems
    Renter shall not have the right to place the irregular badges, emblems or advertising posters on car’s body or glass. Advertisement shall in no case be placed directly onto the vehicle.
    1.5. Keys and security system.
    The complete set of keys shall be available along with their number marks. If the locking system functions on distance, the respective key shall be available and be in working order. If the anti-theft security system had been initially installed in the vehicle, such system shall be intact and function properly, including any key and alarm pager, required for such system functioning.
    2. Vehicle appearance
    2.1. Body damage
    Any damages of vehicle’s body shall be repaired right after their occurrence. All works of such damages repair shall be performed professionally using the anticorrosion warranties. No evident signs of repair allowed.
    2.2. Dents
    Minor dents (up to 5 mm) shall be allowed provided that there are no damage penetrating through the clear coat and paint of car surface to the metal base. If numerous dents appeared on either panel regardless of their size, such panel shall be repaired or replaced.
    2.3. Paint and clear coat
    Presence of minor damage from the chippings, chips on door edges and minor scratches shall be allowed, regardless of car age or mileage provided that they will not cause the damage penetrating through the clear coat and paint of car surface to the metal base and will not result in the corrosion. The exterior surface of paint and clear coat shall be free of heavy mechanical damage (more than 25 mm) and have good grade of color and shine.
    2.4 Bumper and spacers
    If the abovementioned car parts are not damaged and not deformed, the presence of minor number of markings and scratches shall be allowed.
    2.5. Windscreen
    Windscreen cracks and damages within the driver’s sight shall not be allowed. Minor scratches and chips in the windscreen circumference shall be allowed to the extent of normal wear.
    2.6. Lamp glass/lens
    All lightings shall be in working order. Presence of minor scratches or markings shall be allowed. However, the damage penetrating through the glass or plastic lamp covers shall not be allowed.
    3. Vehicle interior
    3.1. Interior trim
    Vehicle interior shall be kept clean and tidy, without evident signs of burns, holes or ingrained stains on the seats, seat covers or floorings.
    3.2. Baggage compartment
    Scratches on the surface and minor markings appeared as the result of car’s normal wear shall be allowed, but the underbody covering and trim panels shall have no ruptures and cracks.
    3.3. Door openings
    Minor number of scratches on the door openings, running boards of the baggage compartment and floor shall be allowed provided that paint and clear coat is not damaged to the metal base and the rubber spacers are not damaged too.
    3.4. Control gear
    All vehicle controls shall be intact and be in working order. No signs of unauthorized modifications of speedometer shall be allowed. The absent parts and items shall be replaced.
    3.5. Rubber spacers
    Normal wear will result in minor damage and cracks of the door rubber spacers and other rubber spacers, but no signs of careless treatment shall be allowed.
    4. Vehicle bottom
    4.1. Underbody
    Minor dents and deformations, such as those because of stones, shall be allowed provided that such damages will not result in corrosion. Significant damage and deformation of the chassis shall not be allowed.
    4.2. Exhaust system
    Exhaust system shall be in working order and undamaged, and no gas leak or remains of cumulative exhaust gases explosion shall be allowed. Catalyst failure shall not be allowed.
    4.3. Oil leak
    Any noticeable oil leak shall be eliminated as soon as possible.
    4.4. Wheels and wheel trim
    Dents and damages of wheel discs shall not be allowed.
    4.5. Wear and damage of tires
    Presence of evident damage of tire’s side surfaces or tread as the result of improper mounting onto the road border or due to the other major misconduct shall not be allowed.
    5. Mechanical condition
    The following can not be considered the normal vehicle’s wear:
    5.1. Braking system:
    Destruction of braking disc surface as the result of contact with metals or cold water.
    5.2. Engine:
    Engine seizure during the car moving as the result of lack of coolant-cutting fluid or oil, or as the result of inner components destruction.
    5.3. Transmission:
    Sliding, irregular gear shift, clutch slip, noisy transmission or inefficient synchronizing device.

    For more information, please, call to BLS office

    +38 (044) 229 26 26
    +38 (044) 221 26 27