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We are interested in the development of regional cooperation. And we would like to offer you an opportunity to get an exclusive right to use the trademark on the territory of BLS® your area.

The advantages of working with the BLS:

  • Ability to open their own businesses and receive full and comprehensive proposal for the creation of successful businesses;
  • The acquisition of the business system, proven expertise and experience in the service industry and services;
  • The acquisition of reliable and strong partner.

The production conditions Franchises:

  • First payment: is dependent on the field
  • Monthly payments (royalties): from 3 to 5% of turnover
  • Requirements for premises: should be located on the main road, in the business - an area of ​​15 square meters, separate entrance and parking for 3-5 places. In the immediate vicinity of the premises - cleaning and filling station.
  • The required number of vehicles: at least 9 (3 economy, middle-3, business class 3)
  • The volume of investments: minimum investment to open one of the rolling points - from 50 thousand dollars, depending on the location of the ski rental and fleet size;

Included in the initial payment:

  1. The rights to use the trademark on the BLS specified area;
  2. Technology works:
    1. know-how of business process
    2. document
    3. instructions for the package documentation and materials with annexes (diagrams, graphs, tables) for business standards
    4. database access rental companies Association www.apk.org.ua
  3. Initial training: "Introduction to business - process»;
  4. Consulting:
    1. assist in the selection and design of the room
    2. advice on the acquisition of the fleet
    3. help in pricing
    4. consultation recruitment
    5. Help in choosing insurance and leasing companies
  5. Customers:
    1. to connect to the company's website and reservation system
    2. connection to loyalty programs (City Club Card, Motor Card, Royal Card)


Included in the monthly payment:

  • Promotion, updating and advertising sites;
  • Updated documentation;
  • Consultations on business issues;
  • The organization of common security;


Additional services that can provide the company BLS:

  • Provide long-term lease of vehicles; & nbsp;
  • Cars for sale;
  • Evaluation of customer service;
  • Legal support;
  • Formation plan for personnel (including the development and motivation), the preparation of job descriptions, conducting interviews with candidates for key positions, the formation of the compensation package, etc.;
  • Re-education and training;
  • The formation of business - plans and plans for the sale of services;
  • Marketing research;
  • Evaluation of the profitability of the operation of automobiles;
  • The formation of the plan out of the crisis.


For more information contact:
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