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"BLS Assistance" provides comprehensive assistance to all club members and corporate clients in the way on the whole territory of Ukraine and Europe.

Experience suggests that car, like any other rather complicated mechanism in the event of delayed departure, sometimes surprises, including and not very pleasant. There have been, you have cases when on the move, away from home, your car suddenly broken. And you, on an empty road at 2am did not know what to do and whom to call?

Or you girl, and when your car broke a wheel, or the battery is dead, then immediately have to call the guy, or stop another car that the driver would have helped you to change it? Or, God forbid you get into an accident and do not know what to do in such a case?

But the residents of large cities, the main buyers of new cars, today less and less time on maintenance and routine inspection - the pace of life makes pay more attention to the work. It is in such cases come to the aid "BLS Assistance" - come mechanic frighten flat tire, put the spare tire, and if it is impossible to start the car - it evacuates the service station to the nearest authorized dealer.

The service includes medical, technical and legal assistance, information service. Our work is based on the high European standards of service. The main goal of «BLS Assistance» - always be on your side, every day to take care that your journey was comfortable, the family is protected, and life was more fun and freedom!

24-hour service, 365 days a year

You will always feel confident in the way, for instance, you do not start the engine punctured tire or an accident - for 60 minutes. in the city, for 180 minutes. on the road, you will be provided with professional service. We fix failures on the road longer than anyone else.

our customers be profitable because:

  • Our program is unique in terms of price and quality
  • You get expert help at your convenient time and place
  • For our clients, there is no limit on the number of calls a tow truck or technical assistance to Ukraine
  • You can actively use additional services: car rental, ticketing, hotel accommodation ...
  • You get high-quality services throughout the territory of Ukraine and Europe *
  • We work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.